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  1. 51 minutes ago, Lexy said:

    Dale would do the story in a minute. Not an intrusion on the woman driver's privacy. It was a public event, a sudden accident. It could benefit Richie, more than likely--that's the point. And that's what newpaper reporters do for a living.  . . .they report.

    IF a story were done at this point,  IMO the focus should be on the fact that drivers trying to get onto carretera   anywhere past Strom-White all the way past La Canacinta MUST exercise more caution, never mind the extreme frustration they experience in this effort. That road was NEVER designed to accommodate all the extra pressure resulting from so much new construction out there in the past several years. 

    No, it's nobody's individual fault construction has happened. But yes...... it's everyone's total responsibility to have all patience needed in order to avoid causing accidents like this. I see it all the time when leaving east Villa Nova..... people making turns when it is NOT safe. Yeah.... they might be late for an appt.  Yeah.... they might have other things on their minds.  Yeah..... they're just tired of the wait.  But look what can happen, and learn from it.

    I won't contact Dale (yes, we know each other).  Anyone else wants to, I'll provide some info only if focus won't be placed heavily on the lady. You won't like this Lexy, my friend, but I don't always agree with the often too pushy (IMO) behaviour of the press!   You, of course, not included.🥰

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  2. Update this morning at my house  with Richie's brother Carlos.

    1.  Both hands, wrists, and multiple fractures in one arm all done during Thurs night surgery. As of last night docs very concerned he'll ever regain much, if any, use of right hand.  These boys have amazing focus and determination, so if it can be done, Richie will do it..... tho' could take a lot of time.

    2.  No question at all... driver has admitted being totally at fault. Meeting with Carlos, lawyers for ins. companies, and police yesterday indicated that while much re-imbursement will be forthcoming at some future date, for now family has to keep paying all up front. And of course wife and baby have to eat, rent needs to be paid, etc.

    3.  2 hours in San Antonio Hospital (many know what I think of that place 😡) was $25,000 alone, to get out the door and off to Guad hospital.

    4.  For all the up-front costs family is facing, Carlos stepped up and put his own "super-deluxe too fancy for me to comprehend" racing-mountain bike as a raffle prize . Mexican family/friends/word-of-mouth meant all 70 tickets ($1,00 each) are sold (money not all collected yet) and raffle will be put on a video for all participants to see so nobody will doubt veracity.                                                                                                                                                               ***He uses this bike to take his own dog clients to the hills so puts big limits on him, but that's the kind of guy he is***.

    5.  IF any of Richie's clients have tried to reach him, his cell phone was also destroyed so no chance to hear anything that way.

    6.  Donations via bank, Oxxo, and   one more (?) can be made and as soon as Carlos gets those details to me I'll post. Meanwhile I handed over the          cash I've received so far, and please accept family's most sincere thanks.

  3. 1 hour ago, lakeside7 said:

    Why not place a story in the Guadalajara Reporter,  contact  Dale Palfrey 

    IMO could  be too invasive of the driver's privacy..... who by the way has admitted FULL responsibility...... but nonetheless has rights too.  Plus Lakeside is not their only focus by a long shot so Dale may or may not be able to get something in there that's already happened, with no pix etc.  But thank you for the thought.


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  4. Remember this saga??? 🙄   SO........... his boss (apparently over the phone lady ) gave permission for him to give me her name, cell, email etc. Sept 7.  I called her Sept 8 to confirm what she said about Sep 9.  Yup.... I'll be in Guad admin office that day, and Fridays are the only days of the week they issue refunds.  Look for it to happen that afternoon.  Told her I hoped so, becasue following Friday would be Sept 16 so they would certainly not do it then. Oh yeah.... you're right!  I'll  get them right on it.  No surprise when Fri, Sat, nor Sunday showed any activity. 

    Nope point in bothering guy in the store becasue I already know nothin's happening week of Sept 16.  But Monday 19th and Wed 21st only got "buzón" trying to call her. Whatsapp sent to both, reminding them to use land line for contacting me.  Both read it (green checkmarks) but nada. Out 3:00 to 4:15  Come back to flashing message light on phone.... 2 calls unknown number 3:30 and 3:45.  I don't mess with unknown numbers so ignore.

    Whatsapp to store guy early evening. His reply:  I didn't try to contact you, it was the Guad office. Call them after 9 a.m. tomorrow and here's the extension number.  Do that twice.  Yup.....BUZÓN ..... . Decide  maybe this is a cell ph, not a landline.  Send a whatsapp. Works!!!  New lady and I go back and forth until in frustration I pick up the phone and try again.  She answers!! Even recognizes my land line #.  We chat.  She says "we don't have the tiket..... oh yes you do. Srta Carmen hand-delivered it to your office Friday a.m. Sept 9...........    more discussing... then "Oh yes... here it is!!!"  Oncec again we confirm process/delays/errors  all along the way and finally she says I will personally try to make this happen Fri 23....... but if not, FOR SURE will be 30th.   Uh-oh. Is there an echo in here?

    So imagine my DELIGHT when email notification of transfer came in at 1:36 today!!!!!  (took 10% off for restocking charge, which is kind of funny because no stock went out, ergo none  was picked up) but at this point I'LL TAKE IT 😀   Even a Pit Bull lets loose just a little  79 days in.......

    So now you have the END of the story..... that is, if you even remember the start it was so long ago 🤣


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  5. I'm personally not able to do the bank account set-up thing, but invite anyone who would like to do so........ . 

    That said, more than one board member has already contacted me with an offer of a donation, and I will see it gets to the family. (We did this when his older brother was  super-seriously injured, riding a larger bike, and hit by a (Mexican) drunk driver who had enough "connections" that it took FOREVER for even cost of the destroyed motorcycle to be grudgingly paid..... and not  a peso more. In Carlos's case physio people said he'd never walk again, let alone work, and many months of rehab and self-determination proved them wrong.

    Anyone interested can p.m. me. I'll sign for any $$ received, and will be happy at any time to show signed receipt of same when I've passed it to the family from family from time to time. And IF finds are forthcoming   that make this unnecessary, I'll return donations given.

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

    Guessing he did not have insurance or he would be dealing with his own company. 

    As I stated, he has health insurance WITH a deductible. That part they'll have to "find".... plus money to live while he recovers.  Waiting on news about today's surgery 🙏.... one of many from the sounds of it.

    Pretty sure has it on the little old car, but the bike???

  7. 13 minutes ago, TelsZ4 said:

    If I was the lady involved I would be doing whatever I could to help Ritchie in the hope he doesn’t sue me.

    From what I’m hearing she was at fault, that may or may not be the case. I’m in no doubt some attorney is going to take Richie’s case against a pre conceived rich gringa.

    Richie' s family are NOT that kind!!!  That said, he certainly is due more than  the insurance company's miserly offer.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Yo1 said:

    The "lady involved" hasn't got anything to do with what her insurance policy offers.  It's beyond her control.

    I already said that in OP..... BUT she could at least step up and pay the deductible, OR at least let her agent know this isn't right.... and her agent can contact the company involved.  HOPING Richie's insurance guys will go after her insurance guys but ???

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  9. Putting here because it's the man, not a pet. Happily, Richie survived, but suffered TWO broken hands, at least one broken wrist, a badly fractured right arm, plus multiple contusions and abrasions requiring stitches etc.  This because he was between appts., riding a "moto" (gas too expensive) on the carretera west of Ajijic, and suffered a head-on crash into a foreigner's car as she (? unsafely?) exited a gated community out that way.  NOT judging at this point.... that's for authorities to decide.

    At least he wears a great helmet so head remained intact... inside and out...... but he'll be a LONG time recovering, with no way to feed his wife and baby daughter. His older brother tells me the lady's insurance company offered only the worst and cheapest of medical care options. I get that's what insurance companies do, but I hope they will be pressured to do the right thing in this case. I get it's the company and not the lady,  but it's still despicable.

    Fortunately Richie has some kind of health plan that will cover part of the costs of the good hospital and excellent hand surgeon family elected to use, but there's still the deductible to pay, never mind the lost income for as long as it takes. If you're one of his happy clients you already know what a FINE and responsible  young man he is, and your  well-wishes (and maybe more?) at this time will mean a lot to this most excellent Mexican family who have all served the community here in many ways over the years. And if his mother hasn't made it to you yet (was going around to clients' doors this a.m. ) now you know.             

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  10. On 9/20/2022 at 5:34 PM, chi town boy said:

    any one got any news about amlo legalizing chocalate cars in jalisco?

    So just who ARE you and did you used to be an "inside trader" in another life? 😲 LOL LOL Very weird you pose this question exactly one day before story shows up in various places, including Informador (where I read it on line).

    MostlyLost is correct. You also must take into account long-standing animosity between AMLO and Alfaro. Doubt Jalisco will be in any rush to comply.

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