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  1. I'm like Ferret........ only pay in cash.  I suspect SunFan's problem is because of paying with credit card?  I've been told that DOES require a whole different can or worms....all intended to protect  you and I support that.   But since I refuse to use a cell phone for any kind of financial things anyway, the worst I've had to endure as ML beefs up their security, is to grudgingly turn cell on to get a pass code by SMS to prove I'm who I say I am when I go to log in. 

    And yes, I close it out as soon as I'm done with my purchase.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

    Heat and dryness feels very sustained this year.  

    That's because they are!  As explained on Guad news this a.m. there are two HIGH pressure areas on westerly side that normally should be moving around.  This year they are remaining stationary, and until they get out of this mode and back in the groove, nothing will change.

  3. Our TP in Villa Nova was affected too........ some bouncing on and off during the fire day, and for a couple of hours the next. But all good now. For the record, when our phone ( TP) could not call, I used cell and called to report. Never had to speak to anyone because as soon as they had my info a machine said they knew about it and were wokring on it and gave me a report number for follow-up, but it was back in less than 2 hours.  Telmex would have been more like two DAYS 🙃

  4. 7 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

     request a wheelchair at time you book your ticket. Wheelchair services vary depending upon the airport you use from bad, dismal and good. Guadalajara as good. The other side benefit is you fast track the long lines. Go for it,

    Yes. You cannot get a chair on request when you arrive at airport.  I've no idea  about other countries, but in Mexico the guys pushing the chairs rely on tips and get no other salary.  Treat them as well as they do you, which IMO / experiences is exceptional.  Not knowing about other places I've always tipped there too, but never treated as well as Guad airport.

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  5. jrod is totally correct. I learned when at SAT getting one for hubs that I actually HAVE one (RFC that is) tho' have zero idea how that happened because I've never done the process.  ( Only guess is HSBC did ??? because I was "titular" on that account before we closed it.)  When she checked in her computer she said "it's here, but it's incomplete"--- as in lacking some data. I asked if, since we were already there, we could go ahead and finish it then.  NO, you have to make a separate  appt. and come back.  She did, however, give me a copy of the "incomplete" but existent RFC. (DO NOT confuse with Constancia .... see following)

    When my car insurance came up last year, needed Constancia.  What can I lose?  Went to the little papeleria in San Antonio and sure enough, she could give me one.  Didn't seem to matter the actual RFC was incomplete.  And since the only thing anyone seems to want IS the Constancia, I'll do the rest if/when it becomes an issue.

  6. 33 minutes ago, Alpha1 said:

    Hola, tu servicio TELMEX 376766**** esta en una zona afectada -. Estamos trabajando para restablecerlo. Gracias por tu comprension. They notify me of the obvious...

    Could be worse, buddy. At least this way you don't get frustrated trying to tell them it's out..........and you know they're already working on it 🙂

  7. 10 hours ago, NEWMtnMama said:

    I checked and don't have an RFC number.

    Bite the bullet, make the appt. ( will not be real quick so brace yourself), and be POSITIVE you have everything lined up exactly as indicated.  When we went last year to get hub's, I took a (color) copy of or TotalPlay bill as proof of address..... which I opted too use instead of original downloaded one becasue there was a staple in it (Oxxo receipt)  I'd removed and the copy was "prettier".  She spotted the marks the staple had left and refused to accept!!!   LUCKY for me, my good Spanish and compliant attitude at every step (plus maybe because we're citizens?')  won me the right to go with a young man to a bank of computers where ( they couldn't' figure out how to get it) I managed.... total MIRACLE..... and after trying with three different compu's, they printed what then became the "original".   If that hadn't happened, we would have had to go home ( this was in Guad), get the  "real" thing,  and return another day.

    By the way, because this was 100% new to me, it was the first time ever we used a "facilitator". What she didn't tell us in advance was she was NOT allowed to enter the building with us!!!  WE might have encountered ONE English speaker thru the entire process so (1) what was the point of having her there ($$$), and (2) again, my Spanish saved the day.   No idea how Ocotlan works.

    Phone or email  me for more if you like.

  8. 2 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    .....daily updates all the international rates? a one branch bank in a small town with 10 employees does that? 

    Canadian banks are few, nation-wide, heavily regulated, and huge.  No such thing as a one-town one-branch  banks OR a private-owner public banks. One reason they're considered among the safest in the entire world.👍

    I know from moving   $$$ in-house on line (USD-CAD or reverse, in our own accounts) that when I do the process  I am given 2 minutes to reject or accept the exchange rate because that's how fast it fluctuates within our bank.  If I don't like it, I try later. 

    With oanda.com you can check (constantly fluctuating) spot rate between any currency, "USUAL" debit card ATM rate ( +/- 2%), or credit card rate (+/- 3 - 3.5%) plus another at4% but I forget what it is.

    Since I've only ever used DEBIT card if withdrawing from ATM's here, what I meant to say is I've never tried it with a CREDIT card...... instant withdrawal is fine with me. Is there a different Canadian side exchange rate between the two in this case. Don't know.  Don't care.

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