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  1. I know someone who did that and when they were pulled over discovered it was a fake and had to pay a fine.
  2. Dr. Joe Crowe has a well documented coronary heart disease reversal on clinical record. Google Dr Joe Crowe Dr Esselstyn to see before and after pics of his artery. Eating vegan for some people just isn’t going to happen but it will reverse coronary heart disease no matter what your age. All the stents, bi passes, pacemakers, valve replacements and clips won’t add any more time to your life, that’s what the doctors say. It won’t prolong your life, just make it a little more comfortable to continue doing what your doing to have coronary heart disease. Keep eating your dairy and meat. MD have no cures, just mask the symptoms. Until you stop eating what makes you sick you won’t reverse anything. Genetics have very little to do with any disease. 10 months-1 year on a vegan diet verses cutting my chest in 1/2...I’ll take the vegan diet. Doesn’t take long to start feeling better. also look up Dr Ellsworth Wareham, a renowned cardiac surgeon and longtime vegan. Geez, even Bill Clinton did it ya’ll..
  3. It’s called Ajijic Plant Based Vegan Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/ajijicvegan/?ref=share
  4. Says who? Better talk to Dr Richard Schultze about that.
  5. If you were unaware, you can reverse your heart disease easily with a vegan diet. Look up Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Ornish, Dr Campbell; scientifically and clinically proven. There is a local vegan whole foods plant diet group on Facebook here to help. Best well wishes!
  6. 00 flour is sold at Sams Club and Abastos, possibly at most stores lakeside, it’s called extra fina...then we can want 00 right from Italy. The secret, according to a local Italian, to the flavor of our dough is the process each individual or family uses to raise their dough. More flavorful dough comes from a longer rise. It doesn’t come from using a lot of yeast. Pizza dough only needs 1/2 tsp then allowing the dough to rise, punch it down and rise again melding the flavors into the dough. Storing the dough in the refrigerator using it over several days you’ll notice the dough has more flavor after a few days. Happy baking!
  7. Yes, you can pick up semolina flour at Superlake, sometimes Walmart etc or in the many grain stores in Abastos. I still buy wheat berries in Abastos which appear to be soft berries and am grinding it myself for fresh bread, have sour dough starter and pita rising now. Sifting the freshly ground flour leaves me the durum. What are you baking?
  8. I don’t know, perhaps I misspoke on that
  9. I can recommend Erik Phariss, he’s about your height. I’ve seen his clients and he could handle you. 001-831-535-9543 yes, he is a certified chiropractor in Mexico, also received close training by Thompson the inventor of the chiropractic drop table. Email is erik@phariss.com
  10. Erik received his chiropractic training and certification in Mexico City. He was also trained by Thompson, the inventor of the chiropractic drop table and another famous US chiropractor, whose name I cannot remember. He absolutely knows what he is doing.
  11. Then you’re saying the majority of the population of Mexico are robbers because there’s a lot of working class educated earning 25 pesos an hour. That simply isn’t true.
  12. A local Mexican family I know pays their maid 100-150 pesos a day to clean their 2 story 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home. Hours are 10 a.m. -3 p.m. Pay has gone up significantly since we moved here in 2006 and pay for maid services was 80 pesos a day.
  13. How about a little perspective. Currently fulltime Walmart employee earns 193 pesos a day for a full 8 hour shift. 24 pesos an hour. Typical pay for good fulltime jobs anywhere from driving delivery trucks to local clerks earn possibly 1800 pesos a week for full time work. Maid service is a much lower pay scale in real Mexico.
  14. So much to look at regarding anxiety and depression. I hope you would consider fixing the problem rather than medicating it. It's rough trying to medicate. Parathyroid gland controls whether we feel depression Which means the pituatary gland could be down Check the colon Anxiety is controled by the adrenal glands. i've had my own fair share of trauma and trying to deal with anxiety and depression. Working to fix the glands that are down has been the most successful thing I could have done for myself. I was just saying to my husband today that this is the first summer in years that I can recall me not feeling depressed after several cloudy days during our rainy season. What's made the difference? I worked on all my "stuff" years ago but I needed my physical body to get onboard. Over the past year I've used bovine glandulars. Most recently used parathyroid glandular. i'm off of it, you can only take them from 1-3 months at time and maybe need to repeat 6 months later. I have no depression, in fact, I'm thoroughly enjoying our rainy season ❤️⛈☔️ I also have been cleaning from the inside out with a new lifestyle of aka detoxificacion. Made night and day difference. If you're interested in more information about it, send me a pm and I'll do the best I can to help. Pharmaceuticals are a mess and won't cure anything. I had some mental health issues in my 20's and the md's and physiatrist had me trying all kinds of meds back then, literally felt like my brain was frying, awful. Why didn't those Md's tell me I it was the birth control pills that were causing my problems and get me off of their meds? I was fortunate to learn from a friend, get away from meds. I have to deal with PTSD and doing well pharmacutical free! Best well wishes!
  15. Was it worth it? What are you using it for? Is it strong enough to relax muscle spasms?
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