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  1. On 8/25/2021 at 1:12 PM, Drew said:

    I am looking for a doctor who does cataract surgery here in lakeside.I do not want to go to Guadalajara.I want someone who does the surgery here.Like at San Antonio Hospital

    You are better off to go to Dr. Claudia who will do the surgery in Guadalajara. What is a few stairs?

  2. On 12/9/2018 at 3:44 PM, johanson said:

    I am curious, LaJeanie, there are two pharmacies next to and to the West of the entry to the Maskaras Clinic. Which one are you talking about? I guess I do not know the name of either. Are you talking about the one closest to Maskaras Clinic or the one just west of the first pharmacy?

    I have always received very competitive prices at the pharmacy closest to the entry to the Maskaras Cinic.

    Maskaras often gives great discounts.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Jim Bowie said:

    You may be looking for an Internist ? What ever you do, if given meds, be sure you check in the Internet to see if Europe, Canada and the US have banned those drugs because of high deaths before you take them. Also, if currently taking meds, often you may be given new meds that could put you at risk if taken with your current meds. Both situations have happened here to both me and my wife. Once from a dentist. Only once have we been asked what meds we currently take by a doctor here. That is why for anything serious, we travel NOB. YMMD


    Many doctors now have an App on their computers so that when they write  prescriptions it will give the Doc  a warning if there is the  possibility of bad drug interaction.

  4. 21 hours ago, bmh said:

    not all countries in Europe go by the same rules or do the same.. so do not assume that because you were in France and Spain you know about other European countries. For your information we do tip in France but the tip is included in the bill and it is also common to leave some change on top of what is included.

    Yes the best way to get Euros is at the ATMs in Europe.. You do not need them until you get there.. so it is a no brainer. Get some at the ATM s at the airport.

    There is a better way than ATMs to pay your bills in Euros. I am going soon and the flights, train trips and entries to sites and museums

    have all been paid in advance via one of my CC which gives a discount on anything I purchase.

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