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  1. Hello Brigitte! Hope this gets through to you. John and I are heading down to SCLC next week and wanted to ask about your pet friendly hotel near Puebla. Sushi now has 2 little puppies that are 4 months old.

    Hope all is well in your world.

    Val and John



  2. I was with Peruvian friends who fell in love with the Mexican sopa Azteca and had to try it everywhere we went. We tasted a lot of different styles all over the place but we found their sopa Azteca very bland. It was a delicate vegetable soup but nothing to do with the various sopa Aztecas we have had. The rest of the meal was ok nothing to brag about nothing to complain about. I would not go out of my way to go back for the food. The surroundings are pleasant and the waiters very friendly, the prices are reasonable so if you go for the atmosphere or the price it is ok for the food, I would rather go other places. The fair was a lot of fun.
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