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  1. I have a double nationality I think I would be good on that. Very good point and advise, I won't have anybody working for me, I will be doing all the work myself. I won't get a project that I won't be able to handle myself.
  2. Yeah you are right my bad for not mentioning the size that I need. I would say about a 6x14 enclosed trailer would be the size that I would need.
  3. I am in need of information to move my tools and personal stuff from the U.S. to Chapala or Ajijic. Any companies that you guys have used that are trustworthy I would greatly appreciated. Thank you...
  4. Hello my name is Pablo but everyone calls me Raider, my Wife Teri and I will be trying to buy a home in the Ajijic / Chapala. We are From California but we have lived in Grand Junction Colorado and Pahrump Nevada where we currently live for now. I will be bringing Maintenance and Handyman services work for anyone who needs it. I have a work background in Construction (Building Trades) Water treatment and oilfield, the oilfield does not apply to my handyman or maintenance but I just wanted to throw it out there also. My wife and I are also bilingual (English/Spanish) only. We would love to help the community in anyway possible. My wife and I are in our late 40s and have little way to go before we retire with that being said we will be posting our services in the local area, we will be licensed and insured and whatever is required by law. I will be posting updates for our future move to the lake area. Thank you...
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