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  1. As previously mentioned I have done research in person and plan on returning to do more and I have an agent who has answered a lot of questions, but like others have posted, a real estate agent is still a salesperson and they won't tell you the good, bad, and ugly. Just trying to do as much as I can from home as well, and it seems you don't appreciate that. If you cannot be non-judgemental, then don't post anything because your judging of people you don't know is hurtful. I've received plenty of useful answers from other posters without them judging me.
  2. Answering a question with a question is not a helpful. Do you actually have any thoughts about water shortages or just don't know and cannot answer the question.
  3. Thank-you, you seem to get my question and put into words what I'm feeling, not looking for the perfect place, otherwise I wouldn't consider Mexico. Your previous posts have been most helpful!
  4. I'm not calling out responses that don't seem worthy nor disagreeing with them. Some people in general just don't get that I'm not asking about whether to be in a gated community or not. I'm a busy person and I like when people answer my question directly so I don't have to read all the rambling on about something unrelated. Capitalization has nothing to do with senority but more about trying to get my point across because people here just don't get it. If people want to post their own opinion about something that has nothing to do with the question, they can start their own thread, not hack mine, otherwise stick to the question on topic.
  5. I would agree but people who are not helpful don't have to be rude about it. The problem lies in that they have nothing better to do. I'm glad I've been getting helpful answers because it's make those unhelpful answers somewhat tolerable.
  6. Not irritated at all by people suggesting I rent before buying. Just irritated that people assume I'm buying. No where did my post say I was buying, you just assumed I was.
  7. Yes I have visited, no need to be snarky. If you have nothing better to do than to make assumptions about people you don't know, go find some friends.
  8. Didn't say I was looking for the perfect place over the internet!
  9. To those people wondering if I've ever visited, YES I spent two weeks there before Covid so does that mean I cannot ask valid questions. I'm not just sitting on my ### in my hometown doing nothing. I'm researching, reading FB, getting informed and when I make another trip there I'll learn more. I thought this forum was for people to ask questions not to be attempted to be belittled by people that don't even know me and have NO RIGHT to judge.
  10. Thank-you to all the people that answered my question. I'd like to point out to all the posters that recommend I rent for awhile prior to buying, no where in my original post did I say I was buying. Moving lakeside can mean renting too. As for the posters that wonder why I want to be in a gated community, it's none of your business. My question wasn't asking whether i thought I should be in a gated community or not. I love this board for the people that give great advice, but as for you others I hate social media.
  11. Considering a move to Lakeside. Big concern is dealing with water shortages. Trying to educate ourselves before we choose a gated community. Would love to hear from you which gated community you live in, how long you've been there and whether or nor you've experience water shortages and if so how often? Thank-you up front for any answers.
  12. We have walked numerous times a day from our hotel in upper Ajijic down the hill, during the day, at night, numerous routes and I can smell this lovely flower or vine or shrub almost everywhere but I do not know what it is. You could be walking next to a pile of garbage and smell it. I've sniffed the vines, shrubs, trees every chance I get trying to find it but it's not coming from them. I'm guessing it is coming from the residential yards. This smell is everywhere so it must be pretty common. Those of you that know what I'm talking about, any idea what plant this is because I want one?
  13. Thank-you for the info, everything I tried didn't work either and I thought I was just doing something wrong.
  14. I do have shaw direct tv app and the tsn go app but when open the tsn go app and click on the live link the tsn go app keeps telling me I need to download the tsn go app from Google play. I had downloaded it from Samsung Galaxy store because the one from Google play says it wasn't compatible with my device. Then I got into some area that said Geo restrictions were in place.
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