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  1. My recent death of my dog, still upstairs, has caused me to question the professionalism of two vets. Christine at Pet Care in Riberas and Hector in Ajijic. Christine didn't call back and Hector didn't even come when his sister Carmen said he would. He said he would help me get Coca downstairs, but never showed up. Anybody else have problems with these vets?
  2. I could come by each day and feed your pet and stay for a couple hours. My own dog just died and I am retired. John Morand Zimmer 3313422292 or home 3761082491, no voicemail, cannot understand the Telcel system. I live at 76b La Paz, San Antonio Tlayacapan and have my permanent residency now. I don't have a job yet and I get bored. No money needed.
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