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  1. Any recommendations where to stay in CD. Jimenez .
  2. That is about right. Mine was @1200us last Dec. Today add another 10%+
  3. I know not bad. Mastro and his chalan it took them @ month. He screwed up on a boundary wall. Thats another story. When Im down there in Nov will look him up and get his #.
  4. Are referring to the septic tank or something else?
  5. What may be these bigger issues you allude to?
  6. FWIW Last Dec had a new septic tank bulid. Cost @$1200 us dollars.
  7. Wish you good. Let us know how it all turns out.
  8. If I as way 10 yrs younger and and moving to Mexico for the 1st time with plans of retire my choice would be Aguascalientes. Clean, less expnsive, good weather, and good heath care. Plus good sidealks.
  9. Don't know about your friends. My brother thats 70 not able to at airport. Than again it Mexico.
  10. Another negative on southside is a topic that is not allow on this forum.
  11. Don't know how you're. getting here. To explore you will need a car. Driving in Mexico takes some doing. If you are 70 they will not rent you a car. Hire car/driver can get expensive.
  12. RickS, here is my email Beeawarre@gmail.com
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