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  1. Any recommendations where to stay in CD. Jimenez .
  2. That is about right. Mine was @1200us last Dec. Today add another 10%+
  3. I know not bad. Mastro and his chalan it took them @ month. He screwed up on a boundary wall. Thats another story. When Im down there in Nov will look him up and get his #.
  4. Are referring to the septic tank or something else?
  5. What may be these bigger issues you allude to?
  6. FWIW Last Dec had a new septic tank bulid. Cost @$1200 us dollars.
  7. Wish you good. Let us know how it all turns out.
  8. If I as way 10 yrs younger and and moving to Mexico for the 1st time with plans of retire my choice would be Aguascalientes. Clean, less expnsive, good weather, and good heath care. Plus good sidealks.
  9. Don't know about your friends. My brother thats 70 not able to at airport. Than again it Mexico.
  10. Another negative on southside is a topic that is not allow on this forum.
  11. Don't know how you're. getting here. To explore you will need a car. Driving in Mexico takes some doing. If you are 70 they will not rent you a car. Hire car/driver can get expensive.
  12. RickS, here is my email Beeawarre@gmail.com
  13. In my case, a combination of running the new cooper pipe along the outside ground , walls and roof. None inside floors. Leaks do happen.
  14. People have different likes. Life is to short to worry about what others like or dont like. Go with what you like and can afford.
  15. I also had to do a floor repour. Get it in wriiing. I ended gettin g another guy to finish the job. The 1st guy wanted extra $$ for finishing the job. As what type of you want. Your house your money. Next person that comes along does't like the floor his problema!
  16. The major drawback with cooper is cost. I am remodeling an unfinish house. I am running cooper piping.
  17. Any recent road update on Santa Teresa (El Paso) to Lakeside welcome. Heading out early Nov. from SoCal. TIA
  18. Yes. us$90,000 is a good price. Darn good price, you know what just lots there are now going for. A good friend bought a lot there back in 08. She try selling it for years, no takers. Now she is holding on to it.
  19. As a retiree one should ask himself, why I want to live in Mexico? For me on top of the list its weather and cost of living. With that in mind Im not viewing housing as an investment as I did NOB. Yes, I bought a house in Mexico. I need a place live and the price was right. There are family houses, vacation homes and in my case a small retiree house . Baby boomers, planning on moving to Mexico what do you want a family house, vacation home or a retiree house.? Buy or rent? In the long run buying is cheaper. If one is buying you need to have the cash ready. Here its cash.
  20. Upside good weather, 1/2 to 1/3 cheaper than living in the states, relax pace of life and the people are friendly and welcoming. Near airport. The food Downside, things take longer to get done. Expates driving the CoL up.
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