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  1. I have just spent 3 months in Ajijic and have seen the occasional SUP boarder on the lake. I have not managed to track down anyone who is interested in paddle boarding, or who knows of a convenient place to store or launch a board here, let alone rent boards. If there is anyone who is either already SUP -ing or is interested in SUP -ing please reply to this post. If there is any interest I would bring my board with me next year.
  2. I will get back in touch in the fall before deciding whether to pack my SUP. In the meantime I will try starting a new topic to see if there is any new interest in starting a SUP group.
  3. Would the club consider opening your membership to SUP paddleboarders? I have been unable to find a paddle board group in the area. I will be returning to Ajijic for 5 months next November. I am thinking of bringing my inflatable paddle board with me. However, I am reluctant to venture out onto the lake alone and would appreciate the company.
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