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  1. Thanks very much for the replies. I had in mind that I could get the drugs while in Mexico and my insurance NOB would cover them. Joe
  2. Is it possible for a physician in the US to send a prescription to the Costco in Guad? Alternatively, can the prescription be sent to a Costco in the US and picked up in Guad? Joe
  3. When constructing a new house, is it possible to wire it with two meters so as to keep the average electricity usage lower? Not talking about a duplex, but a single-family residence. In other words, pretend you're building a duplex. Joe
  4. I don't think this site has been mentioned before. It has an abundance of information on using cell phones in Mexico. http://www.mexicocellular.com/mexico-travel-phone.shtml Joe
  5. Yes, thanks. Found the place in Johotepec elsewhere on this website using "Adoquin". Joe
  6. Looking for a source for concrete pavers, aka blokas. I need 20 square meters. Thanks
  7. The catalytic converter light has come on so I possibly need a new one. Any idea on where to get this diagnosed? Joe in Riberas
  8. Thanks. Now another question: If everyone is driving 85 mph in a 90 kph zone, is it ok to do join them?
  9. Is there a recommendation for a place to stay in Matahuala where my car will be safe from burglars?
  10. I was in Chapala last winter, and bought a smart tv there. I need captions, and don't speak much Spanish. Lots of the Netflix shows are captioned in Spanish, and I found no way to get English captioning. When I return to Chapala from the US next month, I'm wondering if I should bring a tv with me, and sell the one I left in Chapala last Spring. Are the captioning capabilities of a tv sold in the US different from those of a tv sold in Mexico? I hope this makes sense.
  11. I once lived in a small Mexican fishing village and enjoyed "negotiating" with the local man who sold seafood twice a week off his old pickup. One day, he asked me to tow his pickup home for him because it had broken down. When we got to his home, I saw he lived in a one-room cement house with no water or electricity, with his wife and child. I never again negotiated with him.
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