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  1. On 1/7/2019 at 2:11 PM, rvanparys said:

    We have a Vonage line so contacting Capital One or receiving a code via phone is not a problem. 

    We have OOma and tried it and wouldn't work. I am trying to get a direct answer from technical support/ We can use capitol one 360 as our main source of getting monies from the United state at our ATM. No issue there.


  2. On 1/8/2019 at 8:49 AM, HarryB said:

    When I log on after I put in my ID and password, they ask me to verify my identity by entering a verification code (assumedly because the VPN shows a different IP address). The code used to be sent by 3 alternatives text, phone or email. They have now eliminated the email option. Since their system doesn't accept an international phone #, I can't access any of my accounts?


    Get A VPN like Express VPN wher you can choose from many sites and you wont be having differnt IP adresses. You can choose one address based on the state and make it static as in every time you log in it will show the same IP address. I have also begun to have problems with Capitol one. I have capitol one 360 checking Used to send verification codes through my email and talked to customer service and they said they were switching everyone over to text message or voice message a security code. They were true to their word. Even companies like ATT are using double verification to pay one bills . Issue for me was my wife was out of country with the cell phone with the number on fille and many sites that use double verification would only send and SMS to that phone number




  3. 1 hour ago, Lily H said:

    I read the entire VUMI Bronze brochure. It really looks excellent! 

    I failed to find out any reviews on claims. Have you heard any satisfied claims at the Lakeside?

    Thanks much!

    I have heard from friends in Puerto Vallarta that they really have had not one issue with their claims. My wife has it.   

  4. We purchased a Berkey water filter for our drinking water and shower heads. Best one can buy. The locally sold home water filters do not take out fluoride nor arsenic nor pesticides and volatile organic chemicals and other compounds. I asked a company that installs whole house filters for the last water test they did on their system. All I got back was  a test for certain bacteria and thats it. I asked about all the other tests they should do. They said too expensive and I can get the unit installed and do them myself and do I think Ciello and Bonafanti test their water. After hearing that wonderful sales pitch I went right to Amazon and ordered a big Berkey. Takes care of all of our drinking needs and the shower filters for the rest of our needs . Cant beat it.


  5. 1 hour ago, Lily H said:


    I had diabetes for a few year but worked hard and reversed it. All tests are in the normal range now.

    That disqualifies me because of "any Diabetes ... at any time in life ..." with Best Doctors Group Insurance, right?



    Look into Vumi expat insurance. The insurance office across from quality care sells it. pretty darn good and everything is explained on the website. Look at the bronze policy and what it offers.


  6. Just now, jonnyintrouble said:

    They are cracking down now.  Where were they last week, last month, last decade?  When it comes to serving the public why wait for an opportune time?  

    Almost every day I drive by the fed's impound lot.  The main office is there too.  Been there, done that.  It looks like a junk yard, everything of value has been removed from the vehicles.

    The last time I passed they were having a big meeting, nearly all the off duty Federal de Camios were parking their rides on the highway out front.  Looked like a sport car rally, new Cameros, Mustangs, BMWs, Mazdas, convertibles, spoilers, cool paint jobs.  That's where the proceeds from the roadblocks went, under the guise of ridding the streets of drunk drivers and insurance cheaters.  And the public can go chingar a sus madres.

    so when I see a souped up camaro or mustang etc on 54d autopista doing 200km+ an hour in could be a federal cop?

  7. On 11/11/2018 at 9:58 AM, rvanparys said:

    Several funeral homes in Chapala are offering substantial cremation discounts to members of the American Legion and their dependents...

    Which funeral homes are geared to the expat community and approx what would a prepaid plan cost? Can one negotiate? 

  8. We live in San Antonio T in a fracc and we have had water issues for the last 2 weeks and its getting worse. Our fracc has had to bring in water quite a few times. Water is being shut off at night to conserve. We get our water from the San Antonio T well and have been told that it is very low. Its getting to be a real pain. And when the water comes out it is murky. Just received our Berkey water filter from the states. News from HOA  is not very optimistic. Perhaps when the snowbirds leave it will get better.

  9. 20 hours ago, Syver117 said:

    Express VPN works great, I use it all the time to watch anything on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc.  The key is you have to set it to be In New Jersey 3 is the one I use that works.  Oregontochapala probably just left it on whatever came up and that won’t work.

    correct.  I am on jersey 2 and it wont work. Because of all my banking I have stayed on Jersey 2 because of static IP address. I fear the moving to 3 to watch Prime and then moving back would change my IP address of jersey 2 and the banks would shut me down in a NY minute


  10. On 2/25/2019 at 12:08 PM, willtravel said:

    Where is there a concentration of modern art shops/galleries in Guadalajara?  I have been to Tonala many times but did not see much of what I wanted.

    Tlaquepaque. Indepencia has a few galleries. And this is worth looking into.. You can rent for private tour of artist galleries . We spent a few hours photographing some of the local graffiti 



  11. On 2/19/2019 at 11:52 AM, JimnJoyce said:

    Yes this reads 34 thousand pesos. Also, he will not provide a receipt for those who could make an insurance claim. 

    Dr. Birch.JPG


    Dr. Youcha is the only one Lakeside as far as we know with a cedula and he had been doing this work for 40 years . He is a doctor. Went to chiropractic school at Northwestern University and is the 60th certified chiropractor in Mexico. Teaches special classes in Mexico City and other Latin American countries . He has an associate, Roberto who I hear is also very good  and also someone who comes in to do acupuncture. Dr. Youcha is the real deal. We have been to quite a few in the states and My wife's first visit was pretty amazing considering she was walking real straight with no pain after her first visit. Initial visit for my wife was 1750 pesos. Each session afterwards has been 750. 

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  12. On 1/10/2019 at 7:20 PM, michael2595 said:

    I have no issues whatsoever with getting email verification from capital one. What I do know if you set it up notifications from the beginning it can get real weird. we have 2 accounts with email verification. One has a choice of 2. The other has a choice of one and they were setup at the same time. I use a VPN with a static IP address which is real helpful. I also noticed that for me at least the capitol one website works far better than with Firefox than with chrome.


    Yesterday I logged in and the verification is by text only on our accounts. Called them and they said they are switching everyone. I wonder what caused that to happen. ALL my other banks give me a choice.

  13. On 1/7/2019 at 1:07 PM, HarryB said:

    If you use a vpn the address changes daily. Thus , at least for me, they ask for a verification code which until recently they allowed three methods of contact text, call or email. They have now eliminated the email code verification option.


    Express VPN has the option of having a static IP address.  

  14. 22 minutes ago, Jim Bowie said:

    I've gotten 15,000 at CIBanco.


    That ATM runs out of money by Friday and doesn't get a delivery according to the guard until Tuesday. Also, if you have poor eyesight it's almost impossible to read because the sun is shining in, number 1 and the screen is too damn dark. Also take your money out of the slot ASAP because if it stays in there too long while you are reading the receipt it can suck the money back. That happened to a friend.

  15. You know that one of the best foods containing probiotic is raw sauerkraut. At the Tuesday market there is a man who makes the best raw sauerkraut I have ever tasted . Ferments for 22 days and he uses Himalayan Sea salt. There is another sauerkraut maker there who sells theirs in plastic containers. That's not the same person. This person puts it in glass jars. When you walk in this man is to the left. Yogurt is pasteurized and homogenized and the probiotics are basically dead. Easy to make kefir if you can have someone get you from the states kefir grains. We make kefir coconut water because we don't eat dairy. You can buy the grains at amazon mexico.If done right the grains multiply and will last you for years.  


  16. I have no issues whatsoever with getting email verification from capital one. What I do know if you set it up notifications from the beginning it can get real weird. we have 2 accounts with email verification. One has a choice of 2. The other has a choice of one and they were setup at the same time. I use a VPN with a static IP address which is real helpful. I also noticed that for me at least the capitol one website works far better than with Firefox than with chrome.



    12 hours ago, ComputerGuy said:

    Here's an interesting one: there's a VPN service called Windscribe. You can sign up and get 10 GB/month for free (much more than the 500 MB from TunnelBear). They gave me a free, three-day upgrade to the full service, and mentioned I can get NetFlix US.

    It's well known that anyone can use any VPN and get Netflix US on their PC or Mac, using a browser, but not on your tablet, cell phone, Smart TV, etc. This is because the Netflix app recognizes and defuses almost every known VPN/DNS service. Well, I signed up for a trial period, with Windscribe, and at netflix.com (not .com.mx) I immediately got full English access to hundreds of movies and shows. I signed out of Windscribe and still got the full service in English... not a Spanish phrase or shot to be found.

    On my Smart TV, I signed in to Netflix and got the same full package. In fact, I watched, Bird Box, the new thriller that just arrived yesterday. And got the same on my cell phone. BUT I am not using Windscribe on any of these devices, so I contacted tech support at Windscribe and was told "It's because you're on Mexican Netflix". Now, that makes sense, but how can that be? There is no indication anywhere that it's the Mexican service.

    He told me to look for Frasier, which is not on Netflix Mexico, but is on the U.S. version. He's right: no Frasier.

    I have more to say on all this, with some perhaps good news for people who want Netflix, but to start, let me say this: there is so much content, all in English, and none in Spanish that I could find (until I changed my language preference), that perhaps there is no real need to try and get Netflix US here.


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