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  1. Thank you so much for the feedback. I called my doctor today and was told what so many have answered here. Banuelos it will be.
  2. Thank you. I have a call into them
  3. May I ask what the CT scan cost? And di you have a dye injected? Thank you kindly
  4. I rather not go into GDL and thought about the san Antonio Hospital/ I have heard stories bad and good about the MRI and it being old and issues with the radiologist who reads the scans. How About the CT scan machine? I am getting conflicting prices. I only need a scan on my kidneys. They set me to a desk and behind it looked like a high school kid was sitting, She looked on the computer said it was 4100 pesos. Got me a printout. Tried to double-check because of what I have read, so far , nothing. ANy help would be appreciated
  5. Has anyone used Dr. Sergio Mendonza at Chapala MED or DR. Miguel A. Valle Murill at Quality Care. If so how are they?
  6. I had a 3d scan of my heart . black and white and color. It was amazing. Showed everything... It was at CID diagnostics and imaging. Well worth the 15,000 pesos. Next door to San Francisco Assis hospital. .... https://blogs.chihealth.com/3d-heart-model-gives-cardiologists-most-accurate-picture-of-blockages/
  7. The cost is secondary IMO to the radiologist who reads the films. I had a CT scan in GDL at RIO and the radiologist screwed up 3 times and the surgeon finally said he will work with the X rays.
  8. Has anyone used her ? a review would be helpful. I need deep cleaning
  9. I needed their mailing address here and when I looked them up in google street view said permanently closed. Anyone know that this is true. I have mail coming to Laredo. I called around 3 and no answer.
  10. Too bad the front end isn't like the backend which is from Amazon.
  11. Is it open fully. I will need a document notarized for the states.
  12. I went once. Her person who cleaned my teeth if you can call it that was more interested in watching the TV hanging from the ceiling. I went home and cleaned and brushed them. what a waste.
  13. Is there a store Lakeside that sells Real leather boots?
  14. How far in advance do I need to be at GDL I have residente permanente. DO I need a passport Do I need anything for return flight to get through the GDL airport?
  15. I pay cash except for a major appliance or TV. at Best Buy. I hear they are leaving Mexico.
  16. I have a decent one and he has given me access to the PV MlS that the realtors use. Lots of investors are buying many units at a time so inventory is low. This agent has contacts with builders and contractors. I am going to PV in a week or so to see condos that haven't hit the MLS yet.
  17. it has really turned into an Airbnb building. I am looking around the corner on Allende. May have something there. How did you like the neighborhood?
  18. But ther is a shortage of condos in the range I want. Most are preconstruction which I will never do or on the first floor
  19. I know and there are people here who want to sell their condos in PV.. Inventory is not that much in my orice range. One has to be down their to jump on one. I have access to the MLS and so much is preconstruction..
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