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  1. Seems to me one needs to find out how driving in done in a new country and join in, or you risk more accidents and possibly death. NOB, my cousin was ticketed because he moved over to let a hwy patrol pass and the hwy patrol gave him a ticket for driving on the shoulder. That is how it is done NOB, but not here.
  2. What exactly is your problem ? You keep making an ### out of yourself for no reason.Grow up. Why is it necessary for you to personally attack some people here?
  3. Doesn't she look like "Beto", the non-Mexican, but wanna-bee?
  4. Seems that Michoacan and Guanajuato are having shortages again.
  5. Remember, who gave Chapo to the US ! The Elites will sacrifice anyone to protect their power. That is true in any country, NOB or SOB.
  6. DR. Simi for Vitamins and medicine, for Many years.
  7. Actually, most here at Lakeside never had anything near what we have here in "protection", for our homes NOB. Sure, with all the "protection" we have installed here, most feel that their home/belongings are generally safe. (Since we don't have insurance in case of theft here). I'm sure there are some that do have more fun here than NOB, but I can tell you as one who spends about 1/2 time NOB, to enjoy the weather there, we have as much or more fun when there., So when I speak, I am referring to myself and my better half, and those intelligent people who see things as I have described them. Do we enjoy Lakeside? We have not cut all ties NOB, nor are we forced to stay here for other reasons. We would not continue to return if we did not enjoy our time here. We do admit that we have been staying longer and longer NOB each trip, Still come back.
  8. Get a sputum culture so you know which antibiotic will work against it and do not have to guess.
  9. Have they taken a culture of the mucus you cough up? That can tell a lot. Hopefully it is not Klebsiella Pneumonia, as that can be very hard to treat (like 21 days of levofloxacin ) and cross your fingers that it works ! Good luck !.
  10. My wife has the scars from a childhood incident with an unleashed dog. Every time she sees an unleashed dog, she gets behind me and is terrified. She should not have to relive that experience in a city park, or anywhere else. Some people have absolutely no feelings when it comes to another innocent human being.
  11. Yep, totally OUR fault for picking the wrong doctor/hospital. We will try to do better like you next time, ok? Will try to be more like you.That make you happier?
  12. Those of us who go NOB for health care actually go there because in our own experiences here in Mexico, the health care WE receive NOB has been MUCH better than WE have received here in Mexico. Can you please not "put us down" because of our experiences? You are welcome to your doctors and health care, why can't you respectfully allow that for us without "putting us down"?
  13. What I don't understand about some posters is why they find it necessary to provide "statistics" that try to justify that they made the "right choice" and anyone who 'did not make their choice is a "loser". Do they really feel so insecure about the choices they have made that they have to continue to put others down so they feel good about their own choice? What works for one often does not for everyone. I think it would be valuable to quit putting others down (that includes the countries of their choice) and simply show some respect for everyone being secure in their own choice and decisions. You do not have to agree with their choice ( because your experiences have been different), but "shame on you" if you try to infer they made the wrong choice because it is not what you chose ( sounds like .what is happening NOB?) Everyone does not have to agree with you to be right in their personal decisions !
  14. No, actually I think that was 'a compliment. The insult was when you "ordered" people to not listen to him. I repeat, who do you think you are?
  15. This is terrible. Let the person have their say and let us decide if we believe it, or not. Who do you think you are?
  16. A few people who post here love to "scare" newcomers about what is needed in Mexico and how things work here. We have been coming since 1999, on a "tourist visa," as many call it. We have never had any problem, as Angus also points out. We come basically from first of June to late September, then again from late December to late February. We find Texas weather better for us the other months. When we get the "tourist visa", the agents giving us these "visas" do not use a computer, but do ask us how many days we want. We always say 180 and that is what they give. We always drive (passing through Laredo), as we know the roads and stops in these 20 years. WE get our car permit each time as well, as we return it each time we return to Texas(it being good for 180 days also). Don't worry, the "tourist visa" is your best bet for a few years until you make firm plans.
  17. If the solar sector continues to grow and people pay less to CFE, how is CFE going to pay huge employee bonuses and huge retirement pay outs. Think they are like Pemex, no?
  18. Looks like he was "overruled " by the real experts. They didn't seem to like his opinion very much.
  19. Pedro, I use a Banorte bank in Leon, Gto. and I usually get on a Saturday afternoon. I pay a fee of 46 pesos (not refunded by 360, which gives me a better exchange rate than my Schwab, and I come out better) but that is only about $2.50 usd. I first check my balance, then I can get  18,000 pesos at a time), no problem (never tried for more). Never used another bank atm, as this one is very close and I don't have to drive far.

  20. A few years ago, we drove my wife's Mexican plated car into Texas. They asked at the Laredo crossing whose car it was and I said it was hers. They asked where we lived (Texas) and said that a Green Card holder could not legally have a Mexican plated car in the US. I said that we were going to get my car from the repair shop in Mexico and would be bringing it back in 4 months. They let us pass.
  21. MC, do you have your water tested by someone "independent" of those who installed it?
  22. 250p in home is "standard"? Not by my standards. Speak only for your experiences, not mine, ok?
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