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  1. All: Visitor in town is in need of a Yellow Fever vaccine. Willing to travel to any facility in the Lakeside community. Any thoughts out there on a confirmed clinic or other medical facility with a vaccine in stock?
  2. You are quite right any device that he would be able to use Zoom for his lessons would be appreciated.
  3. Eleven year old Mexican boy who wants to continue his education. To do that he will need an iPad new enough to support Zoom. If anyone has upgraded and the older one is still available it would change a life.
  4. Thank you for this contact information.
  5. I realize this is an old post, but I am looking for a phone number to contact Derek. Thank you to anyone who can give me a way to contact him, email, etc.
  6. I am also interested if anyone knows how to change the language to English on Amazon.com.mx.
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