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  1. Thanks for the encouragement Monessen. I am looking into this business idea. Anybody willing to lunch at your favorite place and to be briefly interviewed (kindly, loyally, with fun time) please PM me for more info.
  2. Definitely everyone wil be included. I wonder if there are potential legal ramifications? There's always a catch.
  3. Ha! Ginger has a point. It is not easy to be alone as a male here for long. I'd PM you but it doesn't work. I lunched with 50 women today. Not all single, but most are. Let's lunch. I am not looking, but I probably can connect you with someone. Maybe I'll start a match service.
  4. Tried Lupe. Charge was 300 pesos for 1.5 hrs. I was surprised at the rate due to prices quoted here. Ajijic. Gave 50 tip. I can get two women in home who do deeper work for the same price.
  5. Went to Dermika and also to Integrity Clinic: then got quick and knowledgeable/happy-medium treatment with Dr Raul Rayas 3331706570. He froze the area, neither "cancer" nor "nothing wrong"as previously determined by two clinicians, but rather, "pre-cancerous". Hotel Danza Del Sol 376 766 1198 or Chapala 376 765 2400.
  6. After 4 yrs, I have not been ill...knock on wood. I avoid getting face in the shower water. I use purchased face wipes. I soak all fruits and vegetables in solution to sterilize. I use purchased water with anticeptic mouth wash added to brush teeth. I do wash dishes in regular water and air dry. I avoid all street food.
  7. I have a Master's Degree (1984) in Community Counseling from University of Minnesota. Further, I am a Certified Psychologist in MN. I am retired to Ajijic since 11-09. I enjoy teaching, worked with youth for many years. I am very interested in your position. Please call or email if interested in further discussion. Suzanne Johnston 766-4322 suzsnjo@yahoo.com

  8. email list please: suzanjo@yahoo.com

  9. Tuesday night meeting info? address? thanks.

  10. shop around..Jesus quoted us 5000 pesos over another company He said because we have a nationalized car we must pay more than Mexicans...not true

  11. Ajijic 2010, Minnesota 1947

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