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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a car rental place in the Lake Chapala area that is reasonably priced? We need a car for the month of April only. Please contact me at 331-746-1288! Thank you in advance for your suggestions!
  2. Can anyone recommend a Music Store or an individual to rent guitars from in the Ajijic/Chapala area?
  3. Our little restaurant coffee has been closed since 30th november, we keep looking for a New space too keep making what we love, fresh food and serve you! We rr looking for a space, local, casita, garage or so, to reopen! Just let me know if you got something! Thank you! 😉
  4. I'd bet a million whatevers almost all of y'all are owners not renters. But just to vent ... I've been three years in this pueblo and I'm looking for my 7th rental house. The rental problems were not really the same in all instances. Had a guy next door who'd beat his wife late at night. Had a full on card-caring prozy across from my place who'd bring her sleazy johns home while the children were there. Then there were ranging, rogue barking, fighting street dogs. Most of the pain was based in broken promises and/or flat out lying. The word, in case you don't know, for a landlord or landlady is casaro(a). Pretty sure that is akin to, home maker. Mexicans make good neighbors. They are polite, helpful and thoughtful ... to their standards, only. Noise doesn't seem to bother them and it'd be against their nature to complain if it did. I'm not afraid to complain. I love the house I now have, no neighbors, no speaker cars, no traffic. My nearest neighbor is a horse. My street has no name. So the casera comes to collect the rent, she's a Tapatia, aggressive like a Chilanga. As soon as the bills were secure in her hand she shouts out, I have to raise your rent, I want to inspect the house every month, I want a one-year contract. I asked if she'd left something of value in the house, like a grand piano? There's nothing damageable here apart from taking the lives of some roaches. Her presentation was enough for me, I gave notice. There isn't a lot of rentals here. The town is in a national park, a desirable place to live. But people here are so very nice to me, I never want to leave, I want to die here. A phrase y'all have to learn, if you don't already know it is, a lo chino; you do business like the cheap Chinese. "Me cobra a lo chino". A place I just looked at wants me to pay half the CFE bill as their house and the rental are on the same meter (an infraction round here). There are six in their family and one in mine. It's not a fortune, it's the realization you're doing business with a person with a twisted sense of fairness. I had to nix it. Too bad, so sad.
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