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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2018/07/if-theres-not-change-in-mexico-with.html#more A worthwhile read, IMHO. Reminds me a lot of the current US President in many ways.
  2. Forgive me for reviving a locked thread but it was closed before I could offer my "2 cents" and the subject is much too intriguing to allow it to flounder! In the locked thread "Who Is This Guy" regarding AMLO, Mainecoons submits an interesting post making some good points. Among them he ponders how might AMLO deal with the violence and Narco problem? To this I offer a report I recently read on Borderland Beat in which it is alleged that AMLO has offered Dr. Mireles of Autodefensas fame, a senatorial position in his government in the event he wins the upcoming elections, which Dr. Mireles has accepted. I find this proposed alliance fascinating given the fact that the Autodefensas were the only ones to make serious gains against the Narcos in Michoacan and were subsequently disbanded by the Mexican government because of those gains IMO. The Mexican government withdrew the only strategy that was truly having success over the Narco situation in this country. This only makes sense if you consider that the allegations of the Narcos being "in bed" with the Mexican government at the highest levels are true. That the never ending "War" against the Narcos is just theater to distract from and conceal their real alliances. Given AMLO's declaration of cleaning up corruption at all levels of government throughout Mexico and this overtures of support and alliance for/with Dr. Mireles, well, this may very well be an indication on how he plans to deal with the Narco problem Mainecoons. I really think he needs to be given a chance to make the changes he proposes in this country but the powers that be can not afford to give him that chance for obvious reasons. Only speculation on my part of course. pm
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