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  1. Hello All! I'm a noobie here..so be kind! grin I have never been to the Lake Chapala area. But an old roommate of mine lives in Guadalajara and really advocates for the area. I'm debating between Lake Chapala area and Barcelona, Spain (yeah, big difference I know). MUCH more expensive in Barcelona, many more people, etc. BUT, I have been in Barcelona and I LOVE THAT CITY! Old Town alone there could occupy my time 50% of the day! I'm just asking a couple of basic questions: 1)About the LAKE itself. CAN you swim in it. I've seen so many messages posted all over the place on the internet that says the lake is HEAVILY polluted and you should NOT swim in the lake. That's a big bummer for me if true as I love to swim! I love the temperature there and yes, just gazing out on the lake and listening to the waves would be very soothing..but I still want to swim! Are there PUBLIC pools in the Lake Chapala area that are ez to get to? SECOND question, if you had to choose between living in Chapala or Ajijic, WHICH one would you choose and why? For the record, single 73 yo man in decent health (I have my probs, yes!) I've been saving like crazy and want to spend those savings wisely! Have about 6 figures to live on. Thanks MUCH for your responses in advance! The Maleman aka Doug!
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