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  1. Am sorry it took so long but here's a picture of our menu, tap the picture to get better resolution.

    Starting next week I'll have specials that aren't on the menu like the mega burrito, the hash brown sandwich..... Only available once a week.

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  2. As of tomorrow Beto’s Shack is smoke free. We will have a table outside in back of the restaurant designated for smoking, with an awning to protect from the sun.


    We're thankful for the support and the constructive criticism.

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  3. you’re right, I’m sorry, I’m just getting started so it’s been a bit hard making ends meet but I’m getting a full time wait person and it won’t happen again, we'd be really happy to have u back and give u the best service we can.

     We're really sorry for the bad experience, but looking forward to offer our costumer's the best food service and attention.

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