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  1. This was an obvious attempt to make the hamburger look fresh. Over the years, I have bought a lot of hamburger at Walmart. Never had a problem even close to this one. The outside surface of the patties  was smooth, shaped by hand.  I will not buy meat there again.

  2. I went to Walmart a few days ago to buy a few things, including hamburger meat. Picked out a package that was nice and red. It looked very fresh. At home I broke open the package to store some of it inside the freezer. Well, Walmart  had applied a thin layer of fresh red meat to the outside of the patties. The meat inside was a dark reddish brown color. Who knows how old that was? The dog is still having hamburger for dinner.

  3. I too had the same problem with my Well Fargo card at HSBC.  Went back 2 days later and it still did not work. I went to Wal-Mart and tried the 2 ATMs that are there. Again, got a similar message from both ATMs  and no money. Then called Wells Fargo, and they said, no problem with the card. The next day I went to Super Lake and was able to get money from their ATM. None of this makes any sense to me.  When I need money again, I will try HSBC one more time, but I do not like their exchange rates.

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