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  1. LOST! Mike, the Golden Retriever. My friend Diane Goldstein has lost Mike in LA CANACINTA in West Ajijic. A worker left her door open and he's out. She doesn't have a pic of him available, so the one posted here is a pic from Google which most closely resembles him, except that he's older. Please help us find him and return him to Diane! If you find him, please call her at 376-766-1395 or bring him home to her at 30 Paseo la Canacinta. Thanks so much for your help! Diane is, understandably, distraught. :( 



  2. 22 hours ago, gringal said:

    I'm also glad to hear a true story with a positive ending.

    Isn't it "traditional" on here that if you have had a negative experience with a professional, you write a PM to the person who wants to know rather than just saying "not so and so" on the web board?

    Good point, Gringal - you're right. I've edited my original post. Thanks - PB

  3. 14 minutes ago, captnaselli said:


    I just have to put in a word about Dr. Gabriel Varela, he is the doctor that I called one morning after I was told by another Doctor that my wife would never be able to walk, talk, or have control of her bodily functions and had to be placed in a nursing home for the rest of her life because of a massive stroke.

    It was quite by accident that I even found his phone number, and within one hour he was at my house, carried my wife into his car and then drove her the hospital (Puerta deHierro Sur) in the city where he performed w/ two other doctors a six and a half operation and opened up part of her skull to relieve pressure on the brain due to a leaking blood vessel.

    Yes I would consider this as being a predigest letter, but today she is back to being my loving wife and friend. His price was more than fair, and care was in the many house visits he made to make sure all was well after the operation.

    You do not find Doctors who practice medicine like this very often. 
     He can be reached at the STROKE CALL CENTER,  24hours  day/night, 7 days a weeks,  333 128- 6347,  (376) 765- 6666. He also has an office next to Maskaras Clinic, # 79, Riberas del Pilar,  were Mom's restaurant used to be years ago.  Email:  gvarela@gabrielvarelaneurosurgeon.com 

    That's a wonderful true story with the best ending ever, Captnaselli. I'm so happy that your wife is okay. :) 

  4. 13 hours ago, Lexy said:

    Thank you, Poe, for your help and turning to Dr. Pepe who does as much as he can for needy animals and not earning much in return. His "accommodations" are not ideal, no doubt about it. I wonder if we--who can afford the high priced vets (the Ladron clinic comes immediately to mind)--and others with just a few pesos to spare could start an occasional (monthly?) fund-raiser for Dr. Pepe which could ease the burden he takes on in caring for the most desparate needy ones. Maybe start with a jar on the counter at his place with a sign saying "Help Fund Dr. Pepe's Needy Patients." Or something better than that.

    I'm not able to do much these days  to get this underway, unfortunately. But I'd contribute promptly.



    That is a really great idea, Lexy. A friend of mine and I were thinking about doing a GoFundMe to raise some money to buy him an x-ray machine. I think your idea of just starting with a jar is a great one. I will also get on the GoFundMe as soon as I can and will post it here. But I'm thinking that maybe, more importantly than the x-ray, might be to raise money for him to have an overhaul of his clinic. I'll ask him if he rents it or owns it. 

  5. 6 hours ago, ComputerGuy said:

    Yes, Poe, you are to be thanked. Listen, people, Pepe is a fantastically warm-hearted person, and the very few number of casualties compared to his success rate is miniscule. This is a man who welcomes any animal from any person, anytime, and goes out of his way to make sure you are served first and frequently. So what if he is not a genius; he doesn't charge enough money to even barely survive.  We in Riberas near him can hear his dogs go ape-sh** every morning around 6am when someone arrives, but we are happy to put up with, knowing the number of lives he is saving, and the number of people he is giving happiness.

    Thanks everybody, and thank you CG for your defense of Dr. Pepe. His life is devoted to helping all these animals, and at great personal expense to him. I had no where else to bring Bailey because of the contagious nature of his mange and kennel cough. I couldn't bring him home because of my own animals, and I don't have a separate space where I could have kept him. Pepe agreed to bring him outside every morning so that at least he could get fresh air all day. Of course, like 99% of all emergencies, when I found him it was 7:00 pm on a Saturday. Pepe met me at his clinic, like he always has before. I wish I had a ton of money so I could just buy him a brand new shiny clinic with a big yard. I love Pepe and am extremely grateful to him. ❤️ 

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  6. MAKE IT A WONDERFUL LIFE FOR GEORGE BAILEY! I brought George Bailey to dr. Pepe's a few weeks ago. He couldn't stand up, the light in his eyes was out. He had clear evidence of a life of abuse. I had to leave him with Pepe to be treated for mange - he's had to be isolated from the other animals. The mange is gone, but he is going to stay with Pepe 1 more week to be sure. I go visit him and walk him every day. The light is shining from his eyes - he is such a sweet boy -- about 2 1/2 - 3 years old. I had him vaccinated and neutered. When I walk him he is so friendly and calm -- completely unafraid of loud trucks, other dogs and people. He just seems to be so happy to be feeling good and to be around people who are nice to him. He would be wonderful for anybody! Just by himself - or with other animals; just for 1 human, or a family of humans. He's great with absolutely everybody! Please consider showing George Bailey that it truly is a Wonderful Life - FOR HIM!! <3 Please post or PM me. You can go visit him at Dr. Pepe's too. His clinic is just by Telecable on the carretera in Riberas.

    Bailees 1st smile.jpg


    Bailees blond eyelashes.jpg

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    I picked this information up from the animal shelter. There is now an official/legal system in place for reporting animal abuse. Here is the contact information. It is through the Chapala Ecology Station, which is a member of the Organization of Biological Field Stations:

    Ecology Station

    E-mail: municipal1215@hotmail.com

    Tel: (376) 765-8025

    Location: Next to Bancomer & Beer Garden on Chapala Malacon

    Ecology Station Animal Rights Lawyer:

    Mayra Oriz Tejeda


    Program Coordinator:

    Laura Davalos-Lind


    Guadalajara Presidencia Municipal:

    Ramiro Hernandez Garcia

    Av. Hidalgo #400, Col. Centro // Tel: 333-837-4400, ext. 4702 or 4774

    Email: ramirohernandez@guadalajara.gob.mx

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