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  1. What do you mean when you say you had security wires installed. Barbed wire? electric wires or?

    1. Earl


      Electric wires. I just typed out a whole message to you, but it said that Cedros could not receive messages. I guess this is private, so I shall respond.

      Do NOT use Marcelino Jimenez C.  He lives on Ocampo, on  east of Mannix, but I have forgotten the address.  

      He came for he final 4000 pesos saying thé work was finished. It was a mistake not to go over to the house I was going to move into to take a look.  He left the Handy Little roof over the pedestrian gate with only about 6 inches of wire above it.  4 days later, local youth··I´m pretty sure··easily got on the roof and stepped over the wire. It is now 9 days later, and there have been missed appointmnts and still no additional wires added.  He does not come when he says he will come and even said  the problema  was my lack of neighbors.  I told him that´s exactly why I wanted security and that he should not have taken my money if he knew that he was not providing security.  He also did  not install the longer·life battery as agreed and I still do not have my written guaratee, but that´s only as good as the person behind it anyway.   He is not a man of integrity.  I wish I could shout from the rooftops not to use him for anything.

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