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  1. I have 2 good vacuum cleaners, both bought in the US, which need repairs.  An upright Shark, which needs a new on/off switch; and a canistar Miele, which seems to have a burnt-out motor.

    Electrodomesticos said, "no can get parts".  I can see the parts needed!  for sale on Amazon.mx, ebay mx etc.  

    Any suggestions on who might actually be able to repair these?

  2. I've used Ambien/zolpidem occasionally, but what I've found that works even better for me AND is dirt cheap is difenhidramina -- the generic equivalent of Nytol. It's an antihistamine, available without prescription. Also helps to just clear the mind and count backwards from 100...just concentrate on the numbers...99..98..I'm getting sleepy...yawn

  3. There is a reverse osmosis water vendor in back of the market in Chapala. An American from that company handed out fliers at the American Legion, that's how we heard of them. We just started using them because our old water company moved. They charge 10 pesos a garafon for pickup, 13 pesos with delivery I believe (we always pick up). Don't have the name, phone or address, if anyone needs it PM me and I'll get that info the next time we go.

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