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  1. This is the best upload I've ever seen. I was at 51. last July.

    I have to say the TP modem has the worst fall-off I've ever seen. I had to switch to ethernet because I was losing over 100 Mbps on a clear line of sight, about 20 feet. They claimed it was normal and my room dynamics and computers and blah blah mercury was probably retrograde. Everything except their lousy modem.

    Sorry, John. I had an opportunity to rant and ran with it. You are the expert here, so I don't have to be one to break it to you that there is something seriously wrong with that upload number. Their repair guys are pretty good. I'd try to get them out and see if they can come up with anything.  I can PM  you on how to tell tiny white lies to big companies if you need help. 😇😁



  2. I am so sorry to hear that your baby will be leaving you.
    I learned about this vet recently. He's very engaging with new animals, such as mine have been to him. Ha's already been to my house several times, very willing and comfortable with that. He offered, I didn't even need to ask. Dr. Marcos. I would not hesitate to tell him what you need, even over the phone to make arrangements. An office visit might be unnecessary stress at this point.
    Dr, Marcos Cobian Hernandez
    CAN & CATS Clinica Veternario
    52 33 2459 6018  office
    52 33 2225 8425  emergencies
  3. The number of scorpions you see around here is highly dependent on where you live. People in towns with lots of traffic, vibration from that, noise, etc won't see as many scorpions as someone who lives around fields and quiet dark places for them to hide. I live on the edge of San Antonio with fields around. Scorpions hold fiestas and pilgrimages into houses every time the weather changes.

    I have to spray the house every few months. One of my gardens is red rock.I think it's safe to assume there might be a scorp under rocks or behind pictures or rugs, if you don't like surprises. I never go barefoot either.



  4. 37 minutes ago, Ferret said:

    It would be so much easier if they just hired a data entry person who wasn't dyslexic.

    I think the issue is they have a very thin line of English speakers. We're lucky that they offer as much as they do, but basically, there is one phone message in English, which moves you to the one section of English speakers for basic issues, unless they cut you off because there is no one there. Then all other levels of service don't have English speakers. And it seems like the written instructions for everyone who discovers you speak English is to route you back to that first group of English speakers, even if you ask them not to. Then, most of the time, the call transfer times out and you will be cut off.

    But they are all so nice and want to help so much. It's kind of like having puppies charm you to death. But make a report and they will have someone out within a few hours, even on Sunday.

    As opposed to Telmex which just wants to tear out your crappy service that doesn't work and they inexplicably won't fix it. Try to make them.

  5. I couldn't get my Total Play name corrected either. They reversed my middle and last name. Some, or a lot, of software, sets your account name as your account.. umm... thingie (insert imaginary correct technical term). Necessary because to cancel it, they have to cancel your entire account and bring it in again. It might be that way for TotalPlay since we all seem to run into the same problem.


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  6. I went there on Buen Fin one year and was shocked. It looked like the whole store was on sale. Great prices too. That's something to keep in mind.

    50 minutes ago, Ferret said:

    Tio Sam's has been wonderful for me. I am slowly replacing the appliances that were in my house and have bought them all from Tio Sam's... and I bought them all on sale... but I love their concept of service and repair. Worth every penny!


  7. Another referral for Tio Sam's stove/range repair. I had a 15 year old Smeg that I bought from them. I put up up with a small irritating problem for years, oven not lighting automatically. Made the appointment through Tio Sam, which I didn't know they did when the appliance was years out of warranty.

    They made the repair. Said they'd get the part from Italy if they had to order it, which turned out not to be necessary. It's not technically an antique, but it's one of those things that will run forever, while quietly deteriorating. THEN, they said they could refurbish the whole thing. Cleaning and whatever ,,,  /waves hand airily. When your appliance is called Smeg, you don't ask too many questions.

    So I made another appointment for that. They came back promptly. Got the whole thing running like new. Totally recommend the professionalism, knowledge... everything about the service.

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  8. 31 minutes ago, Jess said:

    I suspect your difficulty is because it's difficult for people to continue to justify not doing something that they're obligated to.  Something that helps women, that moves things forward.   Dosortas sits on the sidelines with little smiley's and laughies - cute but telling of his ability to launch a valid point.  

    You don't have to like me, but it's asinine to keep arguing a point you have no grounds on just because you don't.  You can't  pick and choose doing the right thing without screaming  hypocrisy. This is a law now, you live in Mexico, it's what you are legally bound to do.  There is no argument you can give me that makes any sense to deflect that.  So you can dislike me AND help your employees see the value and meet your obligation, or you can dislike me, stand on some misplaced principle,  bury your head in the sand and go back to playing golf and bridge.  Your choice - your life!  Buena vida~

    I do not require your validation or approval. I do not require your guidance, direction, or legal advice. 

    I don't owe you this but to indicate how wretched your post and its judgments are, I am scheduling a meeting with my maid's family and legal advice so she and I can sort this out in the best way for her. Because it's the new mandatory law that we will live under that we found out about two days ago.

    You are posting arguments you are having with yourself in your head with imaginary people. Who you imagine dislike you apparently. Who need to be told about their moral failings and hypocrisy. You are positing imaginary villains, trying to insult them, and refuting them.

    I don't know if troll is technically accurate, but it works.

    I shall return to my golf and bridge.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Jess said:

    True colors always come out.  Sure is pathetic trying to help women receive benefits that can change their lives.  Perhaps you should check in on your conspiracy theory centric personality.  I'm sure it's helpful for those around you. 

    Why are you attacking us? You posted valuable info about the change in the law that I at least didn't know. Thank you. I have a lot to process and check out. Can't speak for others.

    Are you going to attack everyone who posts here? What's your agenda? You've made patronizing and judgy conclusions about other people's motives and possible actions that I know for a fact are not true. People are just trying to do their best in their own way. I would like to keep this thread open so we process and add to it. Your last post to Ferret is offensive. Also I don't see any constructive points that you're making now, beyond venting whatever your problems are with people here.

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  10. My own thought was that this was someone who had posted on the forum before. Unusually combative and confident for a new comer, but I stay out of the forum wars by choice (well before this post) and don't recognize styles, etc.

    Curious what is misogynistic about Natasha's post? And now that I'm ignoring my own very good advice about staying out of "forum wars"... please explain your understanding of cultural appropriation as it applies to this topic?

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  11. 1 hour ago, Jess said:

    Lack of knowledge isn't a legal grounds for ommission.  This is a workgroup that has historically been excluded and discriminated against.  It's high time they're respected for their work and receive the benefits that are due to them.  You've now seen the law, if you choose not to participate, that's on you. 

    Many women in this work class are part time employees. In my employee's case, 12 hours per week with no other employers. What kind of benefits would she expect from being enrolled in the program? Full medical benefits? Or prorated in some way? Pension if it is covered.

  12. The IMSS website that tells house workers their rights says the program is voluntary. Also that pension's are not included. What is your source for your information? You cited "DOF". Please provide link.


    The IMSS locally is not a panacea for maids. My maid wouldn't use it even if there were no obstacles or issues because there is no local medical services, even for emergencies.

  13. I recommend them highly too. (The new place in SAT, roughly across from El Vaquero ironwork)

    I got a package because I needed a wax and engine cleaning. A great job even with the cheaper liquid wax. I couldn't believe the engine. I'm used to steam cleaning like the Lake Taco place did. This place was orders of magnitude better. It looks like a new car.

    22 hours ago, Lou Quillio said:

    There's one on Rámon Velazquez in San Antonio, near Minisuper Luz and the former Fiorella Pasta location. Price is right ($55) for an exterior wash and dry. Quick in-and-out if you're nearby. Can't speak for detailing.

    Right about here:





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  14. The glasses retainers around here tend to be hand made, over priced, heavy... like made of stones or metals that give you rashes. If  you want the cord types or sports types, I think Amazon is your best, or only, bet. I just checked and of course they have the glass bead types, but they are lighter. Check them out. I think you'd be best served to bite the bullet on the shipping cost. My favorite is this type https://www.amazon.com.mx/Chums-Slip-Rope-Eyewear-Retainer/dp/B00026T3VY/ref=d_pd_day0_sccl_2_11/143-5167497-5719842?pd_rd_w=QnREA&content-id=amzn1.sym.1c8f9346-a87e-48c7-994a-82c93e96af91&pf_rd_p=1c8f9346-a87e-48c7-994a-82c93e96af91&pf_rd_r=NFA6TB12SXTVBGKC9BSH&pd_rd_wg=ZruuH&pd_rd_r=4234acfb-a55d-46f6-81b8-5ff8efc29931&pd_rd_i=B003CK0IBG&th=1

    But they have as many types as flavors of ice cream. And I'm sure everyone giving you advice has different tastes.

  15. I've had the rib-eye. Both times is was good. It's one of the best priced things on the menu. The service is really bad. My friend was willing to make trips to the waiter's station for more napkins and condiments. During the day it's been empty, no customers. It's a very expensive for lunch for retirees.

    The service is laughable. We even had to go inside to hunt down the check when we left.

    Maybe it will stay open. The waiter said it's busy on the weekends when I asked specifically. I didn't ask him to describe what he thought it was on a Thursday afternoon, when I was there.

  16. Tony's has been on Traitte's delivery for a few weeks. I've ordered once. The ribs were wonderful. Falling off the bone and lots of sauce. Azteca soup was carefully prepared with fresh, slivered tortillas in a separate container. YMMV. Consistency is a huge problem around here. I've had inedible wings and lousy ribs from Smoke House, for instance.

    It's listed under El Original Tony's. Good luck, brave adventurers!

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