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  1. I've had the rib-eye. Both times is was good. It's one of the best priced things on the menu. The service is really bad. My friend was willing to make trips to the waiter's station for more napkins and condiments. During the day it's been empty, no customers. It's a very expensive for lunch for retirees.

    The service is laughable. We even had to go inside to hunt down the check when we left.

    Maybe it will stay open. The waiter said it's busy on the weekends when I asked specifically. I didn't ask him to describe what he thought it was on a Thursday afternoon, when I was there.

  2. Tony's has been on Traitte's delivery for a few weeks. I've ordered once. The ribs were wonderful. Falling off the bone and lots of sauce. Azteca soup was carefully prepared with fresh, slivered tortillas in a separate container. YMMV. Consistency is a huge problem around here. I've had inedible wings and lousy ribs from Smoke House, for instance.

    It's listed under El Original Tony's. Good luck, brave adventurers!

  3. 2 hours ago, gringohombre said:

    Are these good for reading? During the many outages here in Lower SAT I use the time on catching up on my reading...

    They are okay. You can close the lid down so only a few of the led bulbs are showing. And get them out of direct line of sight. I find they produce a lot of glare if they are close by. If you could get it over your shoulder it might be better. I don't like that white led light for reading, but I use it for everything in an outage.

    I didn't really answer your question. It produces a steady, non flickering white light that you could use for reading. A warmer yellowish color might be optimum, easier on the eyes. - But these would be a vast improvement to staring at a book in a black room.


  4. Also some manuf actors are worse than others for ads. Xiaomi, which I have, is infamous. They even have PR statements saying that they have ads to keep the price of their phones down. As a result, you can google the make of your phone and how to remove ads, and there are many step by step instructions that people have posted on how to reduce ads on specific models.

  5. I know a guy. 😄


    IB Furniture, next to OXXO, in San Antonio, close to Panini's. Used to be C&D years ago. They sell recliners there and are very helpful. I had ordered one online that they didn't carry and thought I would need help assembling it. He said he would come out and help me. Also I bought one there and he said he could repair it if needed.

    If you can't find that man that you might need, I'd try I&B. Ask for help. 3767664972


  6. 5 hours ago, Senoir D said:

    Never thought I would have to ask this BUT after living in west Ajijic for 10+ years we recently moved to San Antonio and we cannot find a GOOD mexican food restaurant in the area .It can be a mom and pop hole in the wall , which we love ,  but not a taco stand so we can sit down and have a nice meal when wife doesn't want to cook .Rather not travel too far due to traffic so San Antonio , Riberas area would be great . I know they are out there just haven't stumbled on one yet . Gracias

    Frida's is really good. Just had her pozole and enchiladas yesterday.  https://www.facebook.com/Tacos-Frida-1739504829711373/

    She's on Essnap delivery service also, so eazy peazy.

  7. 1 hour ago, jrod said:

    Most of the wait time in Ajijic is spent standing on line on the water-side of the malecón. A number of people took their own folding chairs; some locals had parasols to shade them from the sun--both of which help. Once you get close (about an hour from the end of the process) to the vaccination tents that accommodate 50 people each, you are shaded. As one groups gets vaccinated and does their 30-minute post-shot wait and final registration paperwork, the other group gets vaccinated.

    There are at most 800 shots remaining, but in my experiences this week and unless more volunteers are relocated to Ajijic to speed the process, that's still several hours of waiting. This week, many people arrived hours before the posted 8 am start time to get a spot, and the cooler morning air was more pleasant than the mid-afternoon sun. 

    Thank you so much for taking the time to spell this out. It still sounds too much for me at the present.

    I know other people have thanked you for spearheading getting all this good information for us - I add my voice to theirs!

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Carnivore said:

    I just came from the Malecon in Ajijic. There are already 100's of people there with chairs and umbrellas and parking is non-existent.  There are police officers present blocking off traffic at the foot of 5 de Mayo (You drive south on Morelos and turn right on Del Paseo but cannot drive any further west than 5 de Mayo where you have no choice but to drive north.  All parking on any of the streets in the area are already occupied.


    Thank you, Carnivore. Exactly what I need to know.

    If there are others in my boat or similar, I just want to validate that this super spreader event thrown by the government, may not be for all of us.

    I'm recovering from a debilitating illness and am still in recovery. My best endurance event walking right now is about 10 minutes. I will be eagerly watching the experience of others, but there is no way this type of staging will work. There will be other times, places, and presentations that I can manage.

    Good luck and stay safe for those of you who go for it!


  9. I ordered from them and loved the food, thought it was some of the best I've had in this area.  Care was taken with everything.

    Eduardo did say they would like orders in advance, because they are getting more order than they can handle.  So I plan to order on Wednesday. I would cut them some slack at this point as they start up and figure out how run their business.


  10. On 8/14/2020 at 7:40 AM, artsnob said:

    I have a question about Multiva ATM s can you take 10,000 pesos in one transaction or do you have to do two 5,000.  I have been using CI Banco and get 9,000 in one. But lately there machines were not working and I can walk to Multiva ...

    I have taken 12,000 out of Multiva on a foreign credit card recently. Keep it underneath your foreign card limit after the conversion.

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