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  1. On 8/23/2018 at 2:16 PM, Tingting said:

    Call Rene at FuMiGa. He and his crew are true professionals (properly trained in the use of chemicals). It's not cheap, but you can't just treat it from the surface. Years ago, we used another relatively known company here who gave a guarantee. The paper was worth more than the job. It may take several treatments because there is often more than one nest. Rene doesn't speak English (much), but he's worth grabbing someone to translate for you if you don't speak Spanish. cell:  331 464 6705

    I’ve used Rene for years, but I’m afraid the creatures are So embedded only a “full tenting” would do and maybe not even that ...the fight goes on.

    gracias por your response 

  2. On 8/23/2018 at 1:51 PM, Al Berca said:

    I've battled these pests for over 13 years and although I am not sure that I am winning the war I have slowed them down by saturating their new digs with Raid once a month or more and then every two or three years calling in a carpenter to replace infested areas with treated wood after a healthy spraying of all nearby areas. May not be the best way, but is what I have resorted to and works for a few years before being repeated in another area. Other suggestions have been way too expensive and inconvenient in an occupied home for me to gamble on their success. My method costs me a few thousand pesos and a few days of inconvenience every two or three years and I can deal with that.

    Hi Al!  Sounds like what I’ll be doing.  Have been, sin the Raid.  Do you replace with the perrota wood?  So far seems to be keeping them in abeyance, but you never know with them....so tiny, so destructive. So invisible until it’s way too late..this very same area was treated by Fumiga, whom I’ve used consistently.  I think once they get a hold you’re pretty well screwed, as it were.

    gracias for your response 😿

  3. Ayunda!   I’ve been plagued with these hideous creatures for years.  I’ve forgotten how many treatments......old wood replaced with perrota (sp?) which they don’t care for.  Unfortunately, mí casa has an inordinate amount of wood.   They must be cut off at the pass!  Currently in cocina island...can’t have them head to the cabinets!  Eck, ick 🆘


    does  anyone know of a good exterminator or solution!?  Would be most appreciated!


    Gracias 😻

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