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  1. WANTED: A good quality living room set or individual sofa, loveseat and /or "sillon" King headboard Bedroom furniture: Bedside tables, wardrobe. No junk please. Please send info/photos. Thanks! Send to LesHorban (at) gmail.com
  2. If you have an audio cassette player I can buy or borrow for just a day or two, kindly be in touch. Thank you.
  3. MOVING BOXES AVAILABLE: I have 15 to 20 more liquor boxes in good shape that I just used for my move. Who wants them? Available now. :) Alex
  4. We're moving locally next week. Seeking recommendations for truck w/ 2 persons.to handle very little furniture, but lots of boxes. Depending on size of the truck, it might be doable in half a day. Please share info about good experience you have had with such local folks who can do this move for us. Thank you. Alex
  5. Call and I'll come pick up your used boxes and any packing material! 333 456 2436 Thanks! Alex
  6. A friend's wife is unexpectedly in the US longer than she expected and needs her meds (which are here in Ajijic). Looking for someone leaving VERY SOON who would be willing to take this very small package, and once in the US, send it via FEDEX to where she is (Tennessee). Can you do this huge favor? Please be in touch through this website or email msalexg@gmail.com. Alex
  7. Hey - thank you for the mention! Yes, it's true that www.HouseSitMexico.com has relaunched with an all-new site. The members of this web board are cordially invited to contact me for an extra special offer if you wish to join. I appreciate the kudos! The focus of the website is very much community-oriented. While we have lots of sitters coming from outside Mexico, we're excited that nearly half of the sitters live somewhere in Mexico (and many are homeowners here too). Lots of people want to come here to Lake Chapala. We hope to see a situation where a pet owner can go for a weekend, even at the last minute, and have good pet care while they're gone.
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