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zeolite or glass pool filter sand replacement

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Unfortunately even Zeolite needs periodic replacement. The useful life of Zeolite depends on your diligence in backwashing to waste in my experience & of course usage.

It is the only filter medium that will get your water to crystal. Life is 3-5 yrs dependent on use.

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59 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

 Biggest problem lakeside is the pool service people do not check the chemical balance correctly.

Amen to that. Then when the water turns green and they need clarifier they're puzzled.

I'm not sure putting a few drops from the yellow/red bottles directly into the pool is an accurate way to measure chlorine and ph.

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I have only owned one pool in my lifetime, on the coast in San Pancho. I took care of it myself and checking the chlorine and ph was the simplest. NEVER had to drain the pool in the entire six years and also never had to change the sand in the filter. It was crystal clear all the time... and I never want to take care of or own another one.

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