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COVID Booster?

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Yes, unfortunately, a friend and I did the Tijuana, crossed over the bridge, UBER to pharmacy at Target and returned that night. VERY LONG 25 hours without sleep but grateful to get the Omicron booster as well as the Flu shot. Many friends have done the same but spent the night. In hind-sight, that would have been so much easier.

Safe travels!

Val. :)

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13 hours ago, addtocart said:

I would assume that El Presidente has had all the up to date boosters, but he just tested positive for covid for the third time.

If he used the Cuban or Russian vaccines, remember that neither has been approved by the World Health Organization. Might explain why he has had Covid 3 times

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On 4/25/2023 at 10:02 AM, lakeside7 said:

What happened to the separate COVID forum?and maybe it can include "other alternative meds" to satisfy other members needs

Some people refuse to let things go away. The Bubonic Plague and Covid are now history. There again, it could have been Spam!

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