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English Language TV-service alternatives lakesider

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This probably doesn't quite answer your question, but...

We use the Fire Cube for streaming. It took a little work on our part (including descriptive uses of the English language), but we were able to program TVMOB and LiveNet. These two apps gave us a load of English language programming (major networks, cable channels and a decent selection of international channels as well...all for the price of the Cube. We're not that technically inclined (I'm a dino), but there are so many videos on YouTube and websites that will walk you through the procedures that it was well worth the afternoon spent to get it set up. Those of you who are more computer savvy will find it a breeze. 

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32 minutes ago, Tingting said:

Alpha, do you have another way to find these sites or the actual names to check for an app? Not all of us use FB.

Unfortunately these sites are on FB and are an invaluable source of information and assistance in using the Firestick. There are some sites, however I don't find them as helpful as the support offered by the FB members.  



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On 4/15/2023 at 2:38 PM, Alpha1 said:

If you join these three sites you will have all the information you require to setup and enjoy more TV than you can ever watch; without cost.






I went on each link but am unable to join, can you give me more help with that?

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