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U.S. Passport Renewal online

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I sent my passport off for renewal and here are the steps I had to take with links:

First take the quiz to make sure you can renew using the online form. https://mx.usembassy.gov/passports/?_ga=2.192968621.1097001853.1680117840-610250624.1663702083#navigator 

Here are the instructions. Follow them carefully, noting the new size for the photo for example. Print the resulting form (last 2 pages) and sign in black ink.  Notice that you can pay with a debit card online using Paypal.

Notice that the form, passport, photo and payment receipt need to be sent by DHL. I went to iShop and showed the young man the instructions (they wanted to use FedEx) and he followed them and sent by DHL. It wasn't cheap and he said that the DHL office would give me a discount. I decided that the parking situation for the DHL office in Ajijic was grim and so I elected to use iShop. You might want to print the DHL instructions for iShop until they are familiar with them.  https://uploads.mwp.mprod.getusinfo.com/uploads/sites/15/2023/01/DHL-Shipping-Instructions-English.pdf

You must pick up your Passport from the DHL office (or iShop) within 30 days of receipt so watch your tracking information. 

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Be aware that there is a delay in receiving your passport. My wife sent in her renewal in January and it took 9 weeks. From reports in the U.S. it can take up to 3 months. Even if you pay the extra processing fee for expedited delivery it could still be 6 weeks.

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