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Posting because this amazing event, currently running at Expo Guadalajara, will have escaped most of you unless you watch Guad TV news or have a connection to educators here. The aim is to provide all kinds of info, knowledge, career possibility ideas, etc. to the younger generation who'll be facing a life WE never knew  as time moves forward.  Registration closed on Day One with 35,000 registered participants!!!.... Guad,  many points in Jalisco,  other parts of Mexico, and some international. On site tent area ( all set up in advance/well supervised)) provided for those who need .  Minors must be accompanied by parents.

TV news asked one father why he had his +/- 8 year old there.  "For him to see future possibilities" was the reply...... things many of us can't even imagine. Lectures, info sessions, "labs" ---  and much more. Today I watched kids making robots, and an interview with a math genius ( under 10) who's won international math medals and lives in Ixtlahuacan!

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?  Does your maid/gardener/ other Mexican acquaintance have children who could benefit in future years? Do you help Mexican kids in some ways and could add this to your good works? Can you spread the word to those who aren't aware?  Maybe you even have a Spanish-fluent grandchild who'd reap extra value..... attendance plus the cultural experience of interacting with Mexican kids/adolescents their age?

THis link translates the whole thing into English for you.  Please take the time to see the great thing they're doing for future generations. GO JALISCO!


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Concluded Thursday.  Over 40,000 participants from 22 countries!!! Dates for 2024 already in place PLUS they're planning on offering it in Spain (1st time ever)  to follow the one in Guad.  Lots of preporatoria and university students there, plus tech aficionados of all ages.  Random interviews among participants said totally awesome for present and future career moves/thoughts.                

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