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Tent city along Ajijic Malecon

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On my morning walk i saw dozens & dozens of tents set up on the lakeside of the malecon - west end. Some very innovative designs.  They went past the malecon west as far as I could see.   There were also tents set up on the north side of the malecon from Jarden Internatcional west. The workers are making huge piles of garbage bags. Garbage everywhere & the dust from the cleaning is making the air very bad.  I wonder if the municipality is prepared for this & will the visitors decide that it is a great place to camp every weekend.


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A friend just sent me this via email.    11 AM

I’m just back from walking the Malecón. At 8.30 am they’re doing a terrific clean up… garbage trucks, men with garbage bags on the lake front. Quite impressive.

Nice that families can get out of the city in expensively for a bit on their annual holiday.
It sounds as if this was an organized event.   This was the Ajijic malecon
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This would be no surprise to municipal administration Kalik.

People have been setting up tents there for ages (I think CoV restrictions aside) ......... 24 years we know of and pretty sure that was not a first. Not everyone can afford to go to the coast, or stay in a hotel or some nature of lodging.  My husband waited behind a Chapala line bus one full light at Colon yesterday and when the bus finally pulled away he saw why.  About 35 people, with all the needed gear etc. were preparing to walk down Colon to the beach. 

Yes, Flora     Nice that families can get out of the city inexpensively for a bit on their annual holiday.     ENJOY!!!!!





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As several posters mentioned above, this has been an Easter tradition, Lakeside… As I walked by this morning both bars and restaurants were being set up along with trampolines mini kayaks and flotation devices… Music playing , many people were fishing and kids were playing in the water. Large family groups were eating and drinking, having a good old time.. just wonderful to see people enjoying the lake.

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