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If your worker works on any of the Mexican legal holidays, you must pay double time plus the regular pay; i.e., triple time.  If the worker is paid for the holiday, but doesn't work, you cannot deduct the day from the "days worked" in the preceding computations for aguinaldo or vacación.

If your worker works on any Sunday, you must pay an additional 25% of the daily wage.  For weekly workers, you divide the salary by 7, then add 25% to the daily amount for the Sunday pay.  This assumes that you have given the employee some other day off during the week.  If the employee worked the full 7 days that week you owe overtime pay also.  That gets much more complicated.  Talk with your accountant. 

The Mexican legal holidays are:

Jan 1,  New Year's Day
1st Monday in Feb, Constitution Day
3rd Monday in March, Benito Juarez's Birthday
May 1, Labor Day
Sep 16, Independence Day
3rd Monday in Nov, Revolution Day
Dec 25, Christmas

There are several other commonly accepted holidays (the banks may even be closed), but these seven are the only legal holidays.

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2 hours ago, SunFan said:

Our cleaning lady is coming today - Good Friday. Will we owe her triple time?

You've gotten the "legal" answer already. However.  IMO, if she's a devout catholic I'd suggest some amount of bonus for her for today. Mine won't be coming tomorrow becasue she and some family members are doing the Talpa peregrinación.... so included some extra in her last pay towards that.

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