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Where do Recycling center cash donations go?

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3 fans --there were none before

bookcase parts, 25 feet X 6 feet  ---doubles capacity

glass tamper, to crush---increased tools

5 chairs, 2 stools---there were none before

Toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies ---there were none before

electrical parts----none before

extension chord----none before

hoses---none before.

dolly, dolly parts---none before

signage--- none before


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We are now moving to a beautification facility stage. Looking for plants, bushes, trees, and paint. 

We need to increase production and become more proficient in processing to become financially independent and begin to give back to the community. An AC can NOT make a profit.

Next we need to educate children in the schools and fraciamientos (SP) ' A brochure and video are forthcoming. We hope to hold seminars for organizations as part of our mission mandate.

We also have the mission to spread recycling to other north shore communities and to start composting.

I hope this helps and encourages more to recycle. Please sort into glass, plastic (no berry boxes or clamshell containers)tetraspacks RINSED, cans rinsed, paper/cardboard

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37 minutes ago, artsnob said:


If they are clean give them to the guy selling berries near Farm GDL.  Across from Actinver.   He has the cleanest berries & rakes my containers.


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