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I know that this topic came up before, but no one directly responded to the posting, just did PMs (which may answer my question).

I usually use Dra Claudia or Dra Paulina, but they're not available and I may have an urgent situation. Can anyone tell or PM me about AR? I'm trying hard to avoid going into Guad.





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After years of treatment by Alta retina for my macular degeneration I have nothing but good things to say. Every diagnosis and treatment I have received was corroborated by one of the best eye clinics in the US . Alta retina has the same state of the art equipment as my clinic in Florida and I find Dr. Rios to be both professional and personable, he also speaks perfect English.

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I've been a patient of Dr Rios for eight years now. I've had a retinal detachment and suffer from glaucoma so I'm laser focused  on eye health. He's stabilized the glaucoma and there's been no deterioration.

I'm very comfortable with Rios.



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For every one that replied, both here and in PMs, thank you! Dra. Claudia is giving me an emergency appointment on Monday. It's too long (and boring) to explain here, but going into Guad is extremely difficult right now, but if it had been the only option, well, Alpha1, you're right--they may be crappy, but they're the only eyes I have.

Again, BIG thanks to every one.😍

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