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Chapala police in Riberas

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When I walk my dog on Av de la Ribera in Riberas, for the past 3 or 4 days I've seen the Chapala police parked outside a particular house, with at least one cop outside with a walkie talkie.  Don't know if they are there all day, but they've been there every day.  Does anyone  know the story?

Just curious.

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I spoke to an officer yesterday and he said they were guarding the man who owns the blue house.  Not sure if he was being threatened or is a witness to something.  Also not sure if the homeowner is paying some off-duty cops to park in front of his home or if they are on the city clock.  They seem pretty relaxed (napping, eating food off the hood of the truck, not carrying a sidearm on a couple of occasions, etc.) to be on official duty.  They are there 24 hrs. a day though which I guess acts as an appropriate deterrent.


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Several years ago the police were parked outside a property in Lower Chula Vista.  It was the location of a drug lab and a homicide victim was found inside.

They were parked there for several months, but I never did find out why.  Perhaps guarding the scene, but why for so long?  Who knows.

We would drop cokes and bags of chips off to them regularly.



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