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Walmart trains Mi Bodega

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In order to gain entry to the Mexican market, some years ago, Walmart purchased  the Mi Bodega chain of stores. It offered them immediate 100% nationwide coverage...now Mi Bodega was not much to write home about but Walmart agreed to keep them a going concern and even offered to open new stores where a Walmart wasn't a good fit...one of those locations is in Jocotepec....and this is what we have now....a new store was built from scratch on a vacant lot with several large trees.....no more trees, not a one, a poorly designed parking lot and a dirty unkept store with pallets left in the isles,  cast off shopping carts...some with missing or bent wheels, stock dumped in any open shelf space, poor green grocery area and seldom more than one check out but we do have some Walmart products and Walmart trained management....I guess we should say how glad we are that KMart didn't buy the chain.

Fred Habacht

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