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In Search of: Treadmill (maybe)

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In the U.S., the Craigslist pages are thick with aspirational purchases that didn't work out: bicycles, guitars, treadmills, etc.

At the risk of being one more owner of a dusty treadmill with laundry hanging from it, I might be interested in one. I should get more steps in, and the streets and sidewalks of San Antonio centro are working against me. The malecon is fine, but you have to get there first.

So before I buy one (likely from Costco), anybody got a treadmill they no longer use? Thanks.



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On second thought, first I'm going to try a simple, non-electric treadmill, the kind with a flywheel. I can get one from Amazon for about $230 USD. It won't weigh a ton, folds, and there's no pain if it's not used.

Thanks anyway, y'all.



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