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Things are proceeding well. We have started a relationship with a direct recycler in Guadalajara. We have made great strides cleaning up the place. The chairs, library stools, fans, hoses and trash can provided by donors have improved our efficiency and made working so hard less taxing and cleaner for our volunteers.

We now have our sorting dumpsters deployed for the public to self sort: cans (rinsed), aluminum(crushed if possible), plastic (rinsed #s1,2,5 ONLY please), tetrapaks (rinsed/flattened/cap on), magazines/ newspapers, and miscellaneous paper.

We still need donations i.e. two tractor trailer loads of cardboard, one of our most valuable recyclables,  will not pay our one employee for a month.  

We still need large trash cans, barrels, a wheel barrow, a mini frig, a small ATV, a cart, ...

We are still looking for a decent truck and will need donations for that which would be in the name of the nonprofit AC.

Please we are unable to handle general garbage, yard waste and berry containers. These take up a lot of time and take us away from our intended purpose. We don't have the storage space for them either.

Again thanks to all who are recycling, those who sort their recycling and especially our donors!

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This Saturday we completed a deep cleaning with the help of Hector Espana and the staff of Manix restaurant. Mil Gracias!!!!


I am now looking for a kitchen faucet. I f anyone has one they could donate, please PM me.


Thanks to all who has helped!!!


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We are in the process of creating security for the recycling center. We have 2 camera, but, need a computer to install wifi. Thanks to anyone who could help!

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we are working so hard daily to keep the front of the recycling center tidy. We need the help of a handiman who can put up book shelves, light plumbing, etc. ANYONE willing to help????

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