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Actinver Bank......do they offer 10% interest on more than 10.000 U.S.?

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I heard Activer bank is offering 10% interest on 10.000 dollars and more.....is this true? Also, I currently have money in Wells Fargo but want to move

my money to a Mexican bank where I can earn interest. Can one write Actinver a check? Thank you.

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Not sure about Mulitva's 12.05 rate for 120 day note.  I am seeing it listed as a 360 day note for that rate.

Either way, I have several personal horror stories about Actinver and endorse Mulitva as a more respectable institution to do business with.  

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On 3/17/2023 at 4:52 AM, timjwilson said:

Multiva -  

Total Assets 121,292.81

 Trading at 8.39    


Actinver Total Assets   102,755.25 

Trading at 12.69 



yes Multiva is on of the biggest banks lakeside, and one ofthe biggist bank in mexico regarding size of assets. safe bank to bank with,

about 3.108.000 miilion pesos ( corrected and updated) covered under IPAB ( Mexico deposit insurance) thats about $132,000 US using March currency rate at 18 ish

the other bigger banks are HSBC, BBAV Bancomer, and Santander, Banamax. Scotia bank, Banorte any other bank not listed is small.

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