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ISO "Pink Curing Salt"


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Once again, St. Patrick's Day has snuck up on me and I am trying to prepare a beef brisket. Seems I can get it done with the proper brine and spices in time for March 17th. Based on the recipe I'm trying to follow, I really need pink curing salt.

(Pink curing salt is made using sodium nitrite that prevents food from going bad and spoiling while it’s being stored for a time. )

Hoping someone here knows what this is and where I can find it, locally.

Thanks, in advance!

Val :)

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Thanks! I'll try Granero tomorrow morning. Hopefully they'll have it. I appreciate your help.

Val. :)

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Though it has been suggested that the reason for using nitrite-containing curing salt is to prevent botulism, a 2018 study by the British Meat Producers Association determined that legally permitted levels of nitrite have no effect on the growth of the Clostridium botulinum bacteria that causes botulism, in line with the UK’s Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food opinion that nitrites are not required to prevent C. botulinum growth and extend shelf life.[2] (see also Sodium Nitrite: Inhibition of microbial growth).



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