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My Mexican daughter- in- law who is a chef in Germany is visiting us.   We have taken her to several of the considered better restaurants Lakeside and she told me she could eat these kind of foods in Germany.  She wanted to eat with the Mexican people.  Average cost for 3 people with standard meal and soft drinks was $750 pesos at these restaurants.  We decided to go to  Mexican cafes along the Carretera  which had both indoor seating and outdoor seating.  Even though we sat outside we wanted indoor seating as they probably had water to wash the dishes.  We had good meals at everyone with plentiful condiments.  Average cost for 3 people with soft drinks was $250 pesos.  I couldn't believe it was this cheap.  I had received bad meals at three of the so called good restaurants.  I will be eating with the working class Mexicans a lot more,

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I didn't notice names at places but there were 3 in Riberas we ate at.  All on the south side of the carretera.  The first one was west of Mom's by the flower nursery.  With our meal we received 6 or 7 condiments to make it tastier.  The second was in the block west of the catholic church, about the middle of the block.  There I had berria.  The third one is east of Food Container almost beside it.  This one is only open on Saturday and Sunday.  They had large grill in front and sold a lot of food to go.  All were good and I am eating at one again today.  

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