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It feels like we are being overrun here.  The traffic seems to get worse weekly.  There is hardly any time of day now when it isn't jammed up.  The government here simply approves anything anyone wants to build with zero consideration of impact on infrastructure.  They have actually succeeded in exacerbating traffic problems with very poor "solutions."

Supposedly, part of being a Pueblo Magico is some control of what is being constructed.  A lot, if not most, of the architecture of the new construction is glaringly inconsistent with the historic character of Ajijic.

And they get taller and taller, blotting out the sun.  Having been here for nearly 15 years it is disappointing to see this happen.  I can't imagine how it must feel to those who have been here far longer.

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8 minutes ago, Ferret said:

WOW! So many outlets in Monterrey and 4 in Queretaro. Be still my heart. 

Someone could make a lot of money by opening one here in Gringo - Canada !


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