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This store used to be on the East Side in Riberas but for some time now is on the west side of Ajijic near the new Blue Rose location.  We have furniture already on their floor, not sold yet, and have communicated with them regularly including within the last month.  Interestingly they have a fairly formal document on how they work and what the customer needs to do regarding periodic price cuts, dates of payment, storage, etc.  They have not returned phone calls or emails this week and now wherever you look them up under Google maps, or Google, or whatever, it just says PERMANENTLY CLOSED. They had a very large showroom with pretty decent furniture and stored things to put out later, if already duplicated on the floor, and per the paperwork, a somewhat detailed method of doing this. Does anyone know what is going on (expecting the usual cleverly humorous speculation)?  They are currently in possession of dozens of nice pieces of furniture……

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24 minutes ago, adolphsj said:

Sorry they finally answered phone today and are open as usual.  He had no idea why they were listed as closed.  

One would think that an in person visit every so often (especially if they have your valuable things) would be in order, no?

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4 hours ago, adolphsj said:

Thanks but I am unable to do that, living in Oskoba, Siberia.

I see you have more problems than just this business.

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