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Walmart Intersection

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I saw no actual 'work' going on but flagmen and cones...

- Eastbound traffic being diverted onto the 'passthrough next to the highway' from Autozone to at least the Coca Cola plant 

- Southbound to eastbound traffic from Libramento onto the same passthrough towards the Coke plant

- Walmart exit cannot make a left/westbound turn at the light as usual but must go down the hill to the Coke plant with all the other traffic and try to turn back left against oncoming traffic there (good luck with that!)

- Westbound traffic uses eastbound lane from (at least) the Coca Cola plant, zig-zag through the light intersection into La Floresta area. 


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Why did trimming trees in La Floresta wreck the traffic lanes and create diversions in SAT? I wasn't there but can't picture this.


16 hours ago, daisy2013 said:

They are trimming the large trees in La Floresta. That is all


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Things were normal today (ie slow) when I drove from Ajijic to the animal shelter and back, around noon. I did see some 8 workers with brooms etc walking along the road. But no one was blocking the already (normally) slow traffic when I drove by.

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