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Local paint stores that can mix paint from samples brought in?

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We're looking for local North Lake Shore paint stores who can do a good job mixing paint from samples brought in by the customer. We have several interior doors that need extensive touching up and want to ensure a good match. Please include precise locations/landmarks to find these places.Thanks in advance for any help.

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The guys at PRISA are very good at matching by eye but that is no substitute for the paint stores that have the photo matching equipment specific to the brand of paint they sell.   I was planning on stopping in that big Sherwin Williams paint store in Riberas and seeing if they have this capability.  Home Depot in GDL used to have it but when I stopped in the new store on Lopez Mateos a few weeks back the guy said his Berel machine was broken and when I asked when it would be fixed he just shrugged.

Planning on checking at the other HD further north on Lopez Mateos.  Have gotten paint matching there in the past and it was quite accurate.


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We used SW in Riberas for a color that didn't exist in their samples. It's a bit of an unusual shade and I wasn't holding out much hope. Long story short, the lady that did the match far exceeded our expectations. I testedi the color in a place where it wouldn't be noticed and it was a perfect match! She wrote down the color combo for us so that the next time we need it, we'll have it. SW paint isn't the cheapest, but you definitely get what you pay for. It's worth every centavo.

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