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Beautiful young cat needs a home

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Less than two years old and spayed, this beautiful girl needs a forever home.

Her mother was a semi-feral cat, who brought her two kittens to us when they were maybe a month old. The mother disappeared soon after and a home was found for the male kitten.

I am allergic, so she has lived primarily in our enclosed patio and our enclosed jardin. She would LOVE to be an inside cat with lap privileges. She is not a biter and acts like a rag doll when picked up. She is skittish around new people and hightails it when confronted, if possible. Like most cats, she loves to hunt anything that is smaller- mice, grass hoppers and basically anything that moves.

We have two Akitas on our street who are set loose by their owners each day. They have killed all but two of the cats in our small area. We are selling our home and heading north and cannot take her with us. (Please-I don't need any crap over this!) We are concerned for her welfare and Friends of the Animals refused her even after we explained the Akita situation.

Please consider this sweet feline if you can offer her a home.

I can be reached at carlabuchanan1@gmail com





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