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A Lake Chapala Society Educational Course:

Mexican Manners
Instructor: Alfredo Pérez
Course Fee:
   LCS members: $500 MXN
   Non-members: $650 MXN
Course Dates: Wednesday Feb 1
Course Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: Sala
Min/Max Students: 4/30
Enroll before Jan 28

No Refunds

Cultural shock is a normal part of life when we move to another country whose habits are different. We have to observe and learn the local rules of urbanity, what body language issues are appropriate and which are not.

Why is the behavior of the inhabitants of the new place is different?

What do local people expect from me as a new inhabitant of the area?

What phrases should I use and at what times?

What should I understand about the time structure of the local people so different from mine?

We will share with you more about the Mexicans' mindset throughout history to understand why the past affects the present. In addition to other data that has been asked over time that can answer many questions about things that happen so commonly.

Our intention is to help you understand these basic and necessary questions for the real and adequate coexistence with your new neighbors. Another way to know Mexico. You will be given a handout so you can make notes during the class.

The topics we will be covering are:
General information about the regions in Mexico.
How the language reflects part of the ideology and logic of Mexicans.
Why Mexicans don’t say “no” and how to live with it.
What’s polite and what’s not.
Body signs, what they mean and how to use/interpret them.
Mexican time structure.
Greetings. Proximity/Personal space.
Basics of tipping.
and more...

About your instructor:

Alfredo is the current educational director of LCS. He has served as a university professor, undergraduate coordinator, and has taught courses throughout the state. He has been an entrepreneur with his own business in Guadalajara. He believes in education as a means of social improvement. His experiences as a Mexican have spanned more than 40 years :).
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