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Need Help for Bedbugs!!!

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Have you had bedbugs in your home at Lakeside? If so I’d be very interested in knowing how you got rid of them. We live in a biggish, standalone house. (We are at a mystery as to how they got into our house since we haven’t traveled, hardly go out, and only socialize outdoors.) We’ve only found one possible shed and one possible egg; but are getting bites and have ruled out other suspects as a source. We’ve done a ton of scientific research, know eradication is time consuming and difficult, and are extremely wary of pest control people unfamiliar with the uniqueness of bedbugs… and flooding our house with toxic chemicals, etc. I’m eager to know what others have done here to solve the problem. Many, many thanks!

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First be sure they are bed bugs.  I know someone who thought she had them, but actually she had fleas. A friend was visiting with her dog and when she left some fleas didn't. This lady didn't have a pet and woke up with bites. With no animal blood source, she was the only available meal. 

Boric acid brushed into area carpets, under furniture cushions and pet beds will work to eradicate fleas. I have treated area rugs in every room. My three dogs have never had fleas, play outside and are not treated with anything. Which reminds me...I bought a new rug recently and it needs to be powdered.



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Another possibility is tiny little spiders. Your rarely see them, but they bite like crazy.  Only ever had them in beds.  If you examine the "hole" in the bite, 2 holes means spiders. One means fleas.  HIGHLY unlikely, in your situation, it's bedbugs.

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On 1/22/2023 at 8:46 PM, Kiko said:

I had that problem once and the solution was to spray the sheets with Coors Light.  They were gone within seconds.

There is a story we tell in Colorado. Old Peter Coors sent a sample of his beer into a lab to be tested. The results came back: "Mr. Coors. We are sorry to inform you that your horse has rabies." 

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